Talk about the impact of the three core elements of the nternet blog development

with the development of technology, the blog market is more and more big, on a blog, money is not difficult, but how to better do blog to win more benefits also become difficult. The author according to their own development experience, the success or failure of all aspects to share ah, hope can give beginners some valuable experience and knowledge. You may have been told, ignore the details of important factors influence the development of blog is us. Here we introduced these three factors.

3. blog can improve the keywords optimization read more

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Share the whole process of Shanghai dragon orders and the actual operation of the

Shanghai Longfeng orders, for example, through the website, by Taobao, through the post, either way, the ultimate goal is to achieve business. So in the process and customer talk, to be honest, can not say all the words can do, can not make exorbitant demands, but to analyze specific issues, see the situation of competitors, look at the site itself of the status quo, to understand some of the space is stable and so on; in addition, if you know the website, you can receive extra a lot of business, because some customers have good keywords ranking, but they don’t understand, so we will make a dragon to help them do this, of course, is the best choice, because of their own website, the most clear, it is easy to optimize the price. read more

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