On the user experience for the website development

to do a website, you certainly want to profit, but to profit you will have to face the forwarding rate. The user experience is not good, the user will not help you to click on ads, membership fees, advertising, buying products, and the website is generally rely on these to profit. A website to have good development funds, funds rely on profits, may not have been investing in themselves. So Changsha forum to remind the owners of good user experience to improve the site’s conversion rate, high conversion rate is more profitable, a profit on. read more

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How to do web content is seconds through a year’s time

in Shanghai Longfeng these years, has been in the reflection in the end do Shanghai Longfeng ultimately pursue what I think about this question: "how to do web content from the second through a year’s time?" this topic talk.

won the first impression after the goddess, you will have to start proving yourself, you and Andy Lau photo, people all know, luxury car luxury all high value of things to show up, this is the voting mechanism is the diversity of Shanghai dragon chain.

website optimization Shanghai dragon is like a love affair, had not set a good impression in front of the goddess, do not express, the goddess is not concentrate on us at the beginning, the only thing you can do is to let us look to the goddess. read more

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The weight of PK pseudo original copy the original article reprint inheritance

search engine will also think a good article is copied, the article readability good, good information should be promoted to let more people know, so to get the copy of original articles (the original weight weight inheritance will enhance). This news from the station on the most prominent manifestation, general news, a word constantly reproduced to hundreds of news stations also included soon, the ranking is also very good.


today we let them to PK, "pseudo original PK original copy", in a lot of Shanghai Longfeng tutorial with the new article pseudo original is preferred, can’t write the original article high quality original artifacts. This idea is now? "NO!" if you think of a pseudo original article, rather than simply copy it! Why? Continue to look down. read more

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Webmaster understanding of user experience to keep pace with the times

now the user experience which contains

three, to have a small but very accurate internal links, but as far as possible between content and link, and in a more striking way marked out, help users understand more.

in the past, you may have an understanding of user experience is relatively simple, basically is the site has a good content, a clear navigation, not too annoying ads and so on. On the whole, then our understanding is mainly limited to the original high content and other aspects and did not give a high degree of concern. The love of Shanghai basically is only to look for the site of the original content, on the other hand may be because of technical limitations, perhaps because of the limitations of understanding, but also with the webmaster to similar views. So before we do not have to do too much to consider in this regard, the station as long as the content of it is done. read more

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Why not take a WWW snapshot ranking good love Shanghai

is invalid? This paper consists of

recently found that most love Shanghai ranked in the "snapshot is not WWW, but we go from these snapshots, we will be surprised to find that these sites do a 301 redirect to the WWW domain name, why love Shanghai also shows a snapshot without www? Is a 301 redirect to love Shanghai

we can see these sites usually made outside the chain and in the chain is the WWW web site, whereas the WWW snapshot is not no ranking, but not with WWW but snapshot ranking, guess possibly those outside the chain of counterproductive, love hate those who spread outside the chain of the sea to. And we have recently found that the chain is now on the influence of the spider is not great, can be found on our website log, although many of you outside the chain, but the number of love visiting spiders in Shanghai have remained unchanged, as can be imagined rely on foreign chain of love Shanghai spider has not so high. read more

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The website of Shanghai dragon how to do the long tail word ranking

(3) is the long tail keywords we do the page, his layout is reasonable. For example, the use of H tags such as his bread crumbs, the path is clear, the path is reasonable to allow the user to see the results. This is a key.

this is what we need in the long tail word ranking from the tree structure and Pyramid site keywords to see our website structure relationship. See is not have this advantage. So through our website will pass a certain weight.

page can have good rankings, the first decision point about structure factors. Then comes to the problem of page value. The page value is divided into two parts. read more

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How to open up a new road on the line after the Shanghai dragon pomegranate algorithm

algorithm is mainly for the content of this adjustment, so, we should start from this content. So, what kind of content is consistent with the spider’s "appetite", maybe a lot of people will encounter this problem, obviously he every day to update the original article, lovely Shanghai just not included my article. Here, I would like to ask, do you have a careful analysis of their own content? Some people even just to cope with the addition of a few articles of the article, although the original, but without considering the content and the correlation between the degree of attraction. If you have an article, a long and minute statement an entire page, readers do not know to say. read more

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Website optimization personnel need to pay attention to the details of the site

third, 404 pages of the website set. For any website, revision will certainly left a lot of problems, often can not guarantee the estimation of all major revision URL can normally access, then an appropriate 404 page is very necessary. We must be made through the DW 404 pages, after uploaded to the web space, login to your virtual host management platform, you have to find 404 pages in the host, set 404 page place (usually the error page cannot be accessed) like this prompt, correct fill in the 404 page address. Here the author illustrate. read more

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Love Shanghai search again right grad

love Shanghai the right to change the grad

at the end of 2012, changed the right position to promote love in Shanghai. Love Shanghai has been claimed to attach great importance to the user experience, are standing on the perspective of the user experience, but in this case, the author did not see the user moves a burst of applause, what is the


love Shanghai encyclopedia and others also found I will not say, because many webmaster friends are very familiar with. For the right side ranked first, the author is very curious, after the point into the site to see the Shanghai bridge on the right side of love, seem to understand what. Love and love of Shanghai maritime households with the launch of the official, the change is a little bit of humanity, the product classification take illustrated form, the advantages of links shown below. read more

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Keywords the option value is the core of Shanghai Longfeng optimization


Shanghai, in the final analysis is to create the greatest value for the enterprise or the customer, its typical characteristic is the flow of precision and low cost. How to create the maximum value, the search engine traffic into RMB, Shanghai Longfeng engineering problems, not involved in the field is very broad, not elaborate here. But the most important is the choice and grasp of the market, the technical level is specific to the keyword selection problem. By what kind of keywords, let us use the least energy and financial resources to maximize the transfer of interests is a very worthy of study. read more

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