Ye Jun the effect of repeated content sites in Shanghai Dragon

4. station repeat. If you use the duplicate content on the site, will be punished because of repeated. This situation is more common in the blog, because the same article may appear on the home page, and the page and column page, of course, these things can not be avoided. At present, Wuhan Shanghai dragon Ye Jun blog this problem has always been there.

3. content plagiarism. The content of plagiarism generally refers to the content to crawl the site from others and don’t do any substantive changes made to their website, which is a relatively common phenomenon on the Internet in Chinese, realization of tort. read more

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Website Shanghai dragon pictures and detailed site map optimization

, ALT the title property website images become a knowledge point optimization, is also a small treasure, if the picture name is a string of numbers, then love spiders in Shanghai will not understand what is the meaning of this picture, if the use of Chinese logo will increase the weight of a web page, text at the same time the weight around the picture is relatively high, simply search engines like people browsing habits, more local browsing more weight is higher

First we look at the

optimization site map, we say the map is the love map of Shanghai, not the entire site map, why the introduction of love map of Shanghai, a knowledge map of Shanghai is actually love optimization, love Shanghai map can give love of spiders in Shanghai provide a path and good path, too that is to say to the love of spiders in Shanghai gives a "treasure" can be found in the road, the site of internal data capture, love map of Shanghai contributed, in fact love is like a map of Shanghai main road of a city, follow the main road will find many paths, this is love map of Shanghai made grasping process we can go to Shanghai in search of love, love Shanghai map generator, good location location, you can copy the code, simple and crude read more

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Buy Shanghai dragon service accidentally lose the wife of another soldier

HMM, there’s a catch, don’t forget, they are doing the optimization, ask you to leave the site background, as well as FTP account and password, that is to change the code, I had a go, look at the source code. I don’t have the weight of the station, was hung outside the chain of hundreds of Phoenix entertainment sites, blood has been drained, 100 years may not be ranked, quickly deleted.


find his theory, not a refund, but. Taobao wants a refund, must submit a certificate, and the certificate need to want to chat records, and these guys, the key to chat with you almost all chat with QQ, this is not as proof, no complaints. Am I met the atmosphere of the seller, actually agree to a refund within 1 minutes. read more

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Do you want to join the Shanghai dragon training to become a master

first section: Shanghai Longfeng overview, mainly about what is called Shanghai dragon, why is called Shanghai Longfeng, do Shanghai Longfeng benefits, for example, tell you: search engine marketing is now a big trend, Shanghai dragon is one of the most effective way of promotion, customers will automatically find the door, then Shanghai Longfeng rankings do not need cost and price bidding, click once to how much money, the prospect of the industry is quite good, in this industry can improve their ability of listening to the first section, some interest in read more

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How to optimize the enterprise website user experience

page content and channel 1.

Set the

Shanghai Longfeng optimization company main navigation pages including "Shanghai dragon" optimization "Shanghai dragon" and "love Shanghai" ranking "keyword ranking" and so on, Shanghai dragon optimization visitors most of the goal of enterprise customer service, users may need to access their content from the website or the renovation process in the future will be necessary the accumulation of knowledge and answers questions. read more

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Love Shanghai grab diagnostic tool line to make black chain undetected

third, love Shanghai grab diagnostic tools can also help owners view the website and love Shanghai link is smooth, if their IP and love Shanghai spiders crawl inconsistent when it can be error.

diagnostic tool grab love Shanghai

love Shanghai diagnostic tools

love Shanghai extract diagnostic tools and the owners of the home search engine simulation tools still have certain difference. Compared to the owners of the house, love Shanghai tool provides a more detailed description of word grab. The grab links are displayed directly. The home station grab tools can only display a text content website crawl. In contrast, still love Shanghai grab diagnostic tools better. read more

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Create a personal blog brand directional flow

– brand marketing promotionI set up a blog on

my blog was established in August last year, the beginning of the establishment of the know nothing, modify the appearance of light blog spent a day, anyhow is changed not ugly, and then began the difficult process of promotion. My blog is a sub domain name, personal feel sub domain with the WWW domain name, love Shanghai is treated equally, although some difficulties encountered in exchange Links, with some people don’t know how to explain the relationship of sub domain and WWW domain name, or change to a lot of Links, absolutely with the friendship link, the early establishment of blog thought to buy links, but later abandoned. read more

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Camini please say goodbye to webmaster and pseudo original tools

why pseudo original tools will be eliminated

2, user demand. Just imagine, a paragraph is disrupted, words are free to replace, insert the contents of the article are independent of the user’s interest in reading? Well, this article can only improve the web page out rate. Users do not need such content, search engine is no need.

According to several

1, the search engine principle. We can roughly understand the principle of pseudo original tools now: synonymous substitution, insertion passages interrupt, keywords, insert the anchor text, add header footer, the mixed, but these methods, then according to the principle of the search engine index, synonyms basically useless, because most of the content is the same paragraph; interrupt is the same. The search engine’s index in most of the data is the same, so do the only thing that cannot be read; and insert keywords anchor text is the same, the main contents of the data is not changed; the mixing is to put a few articles to soft together, but according to the latent semantic indexing method, will be the same search engine recognition. That is to say, the search engine has the ability to identify the pseudo original tools for the production of articles, if not recognized, it is almost mumbo-jumbo, no one can read the article. read more

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Analyze your PPC why advertisement investment return rate so low

two: landing page design casual

for the enterprise how to spend the least money to get the best results when a key problem. Every enterprise will take into account the investment return rate of the enterprise. There is no exception in the search engine marketing strategy in PPC. Many enterprises do PPC ads are met in the capital. PPC advertising low rate of return on investment for many reasons lies in the details of their strategy, the author will according to your PPC low rate of return on investment to share a few of his own analysis. read more

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Effect should not be ignored when outside the chain the user click behavior

Why do I say that

on the chain, the high correlation between what is outside the chain of high quality, love Shanghai is so explained: with the chain real recommendation intentions. What factors can reflect whether a chain has recommended real effect? I think the user click behavior is the most factor with reference value. Therefore, I personally feel that love Shanghai will fully consider the user behavior decision function for the weights of the chain transfer.

The correlation between the ? ?What is the read more

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