Talking about the way to download a novel Episode 1

actually, I didn’t download novels at first. I have to tell you how I started to relate to the network gradually. What I’m talking about here is mainly network marketing, network promotion, network editing, and website profit and ranking. The explanation is also afraid of misunderstanding.

was involved in the construction of a website when he was a teacher in high school. I can now say that I was able to get into the Internet, mainly because he gave me an important piece of information. Remember, he said, "people can’t do everything, but you have to do one thing.". For example, myself, although I’m not a good teacher, I’m doing well, and to some extent, I’m earning three times as much money as their excellent teachers a month. The website I run now has an average of about more than 5000 of revenue a month, and if so, it can reach 7000. read more

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Mulberry wood webmaster should learn to create their own brand of soft Wen

no matter what you do, you must start creating your own brand. In the Internet world, as long as you create your own soft text brand, then every time you have a new article out, there will be a large number of old readers quickly to read your article. In this case, your soft text promotion effect will be twice the result with half the effort.

has a website brand, such as Sina and NetEase. Buy milk powder has its own brand, such as Sanlu, Mengniu like this (joking, huh, huh). So some soft Wen, best also want to create your own brand. read more

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Website day P over twenty thousand need to adhere to updated daily and pseudo original

I’ve been in touch with websites since I was in high school, and my dream is to have a website of my own, huh?. Since I make up my mind to start, I keep my pocket money every day. I want to use the money to build my own dream.

, of course, of course website cannot do without communicating with people, "stand alone" and the words fraught with grim possibilities, very classic "unity is strength". While preparing the funds, I learned a lot through A5. Through the A5, I learned a lot of experience of standing. Enough money, it’s time for me to do a real job. read more

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Web Analytics 4 factors affecting user experience

with the continuous development of Internet products, more and more people are aware of the importance of user experience, more and more companies have set up UED related departments, and the division of Posts has been quite meticulous. However, the division of functions in UED is mostly only the interface level. In fact, an Internet product from the emergence of the strategy to the final line, where each link may affect the final experience. To sum up, the author believes that there are 4 important factors that will have a significant impact on the final experience. They are: product strategy, user interface, technology and operations. read more

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Sell QQ number how can you earn ten thousand yuan per month

as long as they are friends on the Internet, I believe everyone has a QQ number. However, we only know that the QQ number is free to register, but I do not know this QQ number can not only buy money, but also earn money. Today, Shao Lianhu blogs tell you how to make money by selling QQ numbers.

some time ago, Shao Lianhu wrote an article called "talk about those who earn QQ one hundred thousand.". This article I said, selling QQ years earn one hundred thousand, I also say less, sold a few years ago QQ number, a year to earn millions of. I have no bragging force, believe it or not, that is your problem, the controversy is not interesting, anyway, people earn money with us half a dime also does not matter. read more

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Some suggestions on the absolute value of the Tao

the first to talk about my personal Taobao passenger journey, 08 years in late 12, occasionally heard that "Tao" is a word, (well, was not changed to "Taobao guest"), hey, choose the Christmas Eve such a beautiful night to join Taobao off the army……

began to just play with the psychological, in Ali’s mother’s forum, read a lot of Taobao predecessors articles, learned some experience. Casually search for a few weight loss products to do promotion (well, this is a big hot), I did not expect to open in December 28th to see a mother, actually have 100+ commission income, happy to death me… Since then, more than a month, has been doing promotion, because without their own Taobao guest website, do very hard (I think a lot of friends are experiencing drip). During this period, the total Commission will add up to more than 1000. In addition, YAHOO just got a NCP heard to be closed, it is not make me lose the first battle, on the establishment of the Liangshan read more

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Grassroots stick to it

many grassroots webmaster often complain that their website did not bring profits to themselves, did not succeed. In fact, this is mainly our grassroots own problems.

us a lot of people are holding a profit mentality to do stand, I am no exception, although I just feel very interested in NB as a grassroots webmaster, but I found that in 2009, did not make money not a qualified webmaster webmaster. Grassroots Adsense in this industry, there is no lack of student webmaster, we student webmaster in addition to take home with the cost of living, did not say home with the site needs money, at least I was like this. Because we take out part of the cost of living to buy space and domain names, do stand, just want to make this money can pull some brothers back, so that life can moisten, nourish, fill the gap of food. read more

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Adsense Combat new QQ space diary promotion

actual combat: QQ diary promotion

with the development of network marketing, all kinds of online promotion methods are more and more. Such as BBS promotion, blog promotion, mail promotion and so on. There are many methods are tested. As long as there is effect, as a website operation, you can try to promote in their own industry, and sometimes can achieve unexpected results. Because QQ friends, most of the network marketing friends, sometimes found some of them in the use of methods. After pondering over it, I find it helpful to promote some specific products or services. For example, I share today’s QQ diary promotion. read more

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For the webmaster from the garbage station crazy firmly believe that the establishment of Shanxi S

is crazy enough to believe that the clouds are doing regular stations. For the network to create value for their own accumulation of connections and resources!


2008 is here. Is it far in 2009? Time passes quickly and people grow old quickly. It is twenty years old, life or mediocrity, not do cause yifan. Social change is always so fast, science and technology developed, always let us have not had time to think about, already passed, the thinking deserted, has been unable to keep up with the tide, garbage station era has come to an end. Webmaster, you still to operate the dumpster? At the moment, what are you thinking about what to do at home? The old mother in the distant son? Want to pocket money is not always enough to pay his girlfriend why? Why they are not like the son of millionaires? > has always missed the feeling of chasing butterflies when she was on the grass, always smiling. From 2006 into the network, to become a member of a growing family, to the present. Think back, do a few garbage stations, to the network to add a lot of repeated and boring garbage information. Remember the new year home, uncle asked me web site. I squeaked, said there is no web site, I do website is see gap pin, that piece of money to do what block, so there is no fixed web site. My heart was sweaty and I was afraid to ask what type of website I was doing before I went home. In fact, I really want to show my family in front of my family. How many cows do I have?. Site visits tens of thousands of days, so certain keywords in Baidu search ranking first. How can the garbage station with pornography go before the family, read more

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Experience reveal to you the day to earn 200 insurance scam Wangzhuan

around February 27, 2008, see the post in a forum to see a return to find interesting, his data information which left a web site, so I copied and pasted into the address bar, enter the story from the beginning……


of this forum open speed away, using the DZ program, with more than 600 members, forum basically are introduced to make money online, and the title quite attractive "guaranteed monthly income of one thousand yuan a small project" base on the income of more than 200 yuan "" guaranteed, earn more than 500 yuan, "when you see when they immediately feel this is a lie, the sky will not fall, he did not earn their own money? But, like my monthly wage earning money, and every day dreams, how much is a little heart, if it is true? Go like this is not wasted the opportunity to make money? It is easy to find a contact QQ, search, verification, start talking (part from: read more

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