Shandong Dezhou set up 500 million yuan fund to support investment and Entrepreneurship

in some enterprises and individuals of the early founding of early entrepreneurial process, will encounter many problems, in the face of such problems, around the enterprises should be given timely assistance, to help and support the development of enterprises, recently, Dezhou city set up a 500 million yuan of special funds to foster entrepreneurship.

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Suitable for small business projects at home

a lot of people in order to take care of their families, quit the job at hand, at home, there are plenty of free time to do a lot of things, entrepreneurship is a very good choice. Suitable for small projects at home? Today, we will introduce a few small projects at home.

entrepreneurship for small projects at home have? Psychological counseling

in this with the pressure of competition is the symbol of the society, who can say that he did not even a loss and confusion for a long time, the situation is not serious consequences is to improve China’s annual death toll was Dutch act 25-28 million is huge. China according to the Ministry of health released data, China’s various psychological and mental illness has reached 16 million, accounting for 1.23% of the total population, and among various learning psychological, emotional and behavioral disorders and other health problems have reached 30 million. This corresponds to the huge demand for psychological counselors is a serious shortage of psychological counseling professionals. In the United States, counselors belong to the high-income middle class, consultants can reach about $150 per hour of income. In Shanghai, about an hour’s charge between 100-1000 yuan. read more

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Wine agents need to master the right skills

many people choose wine agent. Agents need a good way to identify the right skills, agents have more advantages, more profitable, wine sales in the market is very good. It is also a good choice to invest in a wine shop. If you want to be successful, investors can’t get the necessary way. May wish to look at the specific introduction of the article!

New Wine for promotion, a good time in a month after the listing of the new. Choose this time there are two reasons for the promotion, if the new wine market is very small sales since a month, then the purpose of the promotion is to allow the expansion of the market, the price can not be loosened. If the sale of new products after a month is not satisfactory, then the promotion is a good opportunity to increase sales. The new Wine listed, the first stage is to promote the focus of promotional attempts to buy, if you do not have a proper promotion opportunity, may make Wine new sales difficult to cross the threshold of the listing, the listing will be ended in failure. read more

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Li Tong concerned about the elderly customers do business

people of different ages, for the owner, the service should be provided naturally vary. They say they want to do the business of the old, but it’s not easy to be an old man. They usually live frugally, consumption is relatively rational and prudent. To attract and retain them, it is necessary to maintain the relationship for a long time. In the author’s customers, there is such a person, he used a special service to win the trust of many elderly customers.

shop owner named Li Tong, is the town of Ming Hubei Yifeng Yuan’an County Department of Commerce shop. Renruqiming, Li Tong character and honest, honest, enthusiastic people, show common near the old habit, called him "know-all". read more

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What is the name of the shop name

named work say simple, it is very difficult, most of the time, our shop name only with the more principle, is a truly successful name. In fact, we open shop, shop to play a good name and celebrity with the stage name to their packaging is a reason. Want to establish a brand, it is necessary to be able to accurately convey the connotation of the brand to consumers, so as to make the brand more refined and with affinity.

business shop does not necessarily sell the famous goods, more sellers is the choice of some unknown goods, this time to set up their own brand will depend on a good name, this name will become a synonym for consumers to recognize you, a brand that belongs to you the. read more

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nnovation and entrepreneurship to create a new engine for innovation and entrepreneurship inject ne

in order to inject new vitality into innovation and entrepreneurship, Xiamen is actively creating a new engine of innovation and entrepreneurship, I believe in the support of the policy, the choice of entrepreneurship is more and more, the quality of entrepreneurship is constantly improving.

25 PM, municipal committee, Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone Party committee secretary, party secretary Huang Qiang led the research of Haicang free trade zone and innovation community construction stressed, to seize the day, Time will not wait for me. spirit, do everything possible to speed up the project progress, to create innovative business "new engine", to inject vitality into regional transformation. read more

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The achievements of the construction of three strong province in Anhui during the past five years

economy in the process of rapid development can not be separated from the correct guidance, especially the current situation of the province’s economic development than the country, there is still a certain gap, so it is necessary to improve the rational planning. On the afternoon of October 30th, the delegation of Lu’an seriously discussed the report of the provincial Party committee. Tang Chengpei, Sun Yunfei representatives to participate in the deliberations. The delegates agreed that the report is ambitious, the theme is clear, clear objectives, strong measures to guide the future development of Anhui action guide. read more

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Health industry opportunities to join the industry to become rich opportunities quietly struck

now, there are more people actively into the health care industry, and there are indeed a lot of very good project is worthy of attention. Such a great opportunity, many people certainly do not want to miss. Health care industry is fully equipped for creating a rich platform for more people.

by real business venture project and get rich through speculative investment wealth, there is a difference between the two. The former is the rational use of funds at the same time, mastered the laws of the market, while a comprehensive understanding of a particular industry, entrepreneurs themselves to enhance the quality of. read more

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