Xining municipal government meeting stressed the need to help enterprises solve a number of problems

In October 20th, the municipal government held the city’s "help enterprises, steady growth, adjusting structure of conference activities, informed the city to help enterprises overall progress, work stage arrangement, requirements of the county, the working group to help enterprises to solve a lot of problems.

it is understood that the city "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment has entered the final critical stage. Meeting the requirements of the county, the working group should be in the effective time, to help enterprises to solve a number of problems, the problems of research, put forward measures and methods to solve the problem of personality problems, and gradually solve; each register, to solve. Implementation of the relevant departments of the city’s more than and 80 issues, the relevant departments should pay close attention to the settlement, involving land, capital and other aspects of coordination in the short term is difficult to solve the problem, to develop work plans and measures to gradually resolve. At the same time, the county’s relatively mature conditions for financing projects, we must pay close attention to combing, improve the basic information, a number of mature group reported, and strive to implement a number of loans before the end of the year. read more

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Rat cockroach infested Xining City West District three hotels fined

3 large hotel kitchen found a large number of mice and "Jack" trail, therefore, the relevant departments of the 3 hotels to each 2000 yuan punishment decision.

from the beginning of October 8th, Xining City West Area pest control inspection team, centralized inspection area of the "five small industries, homes, hotels and families. In October 16th, found that a large number of fecal and mouse body inspection group in the food material warehouse of 3 large hotels; found some cockroaches and cockroach corpse in the operating room. Inspection group of these 3 penalties each hotel 2000 yuan, while giving guidance in the field of prevention and control. It is understood that mice and cockroaches are easy to spread diseases, especially cockroaches, breeding and survival ability, dead cockroaches must be processed to eliminate the hidden dangers of high temperature. read more

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Xining will rise 303 meters above the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

March 23rd afternoon, governor Hao Peng met with Greenland Group Chairman, President and his party, Zhang Yuliang. Secretary General of the provincial government Gao Hua, mayor Wang Yubo, vice mayor of the city of China to attend the meeting, vice mayor of the city of China, the Secretary General of the provincial government, vice mayor of.

Hao Peng on behalf of the provincial government of Zhang Yuliang expressed his welcome, and briefly introduced the economic and social development in our province. He said, Qinghai ecological highlight the status of an important strategic position, resource advantage, and has great potential for development, with Silk Road Economic Belt construction opportunities, Greenland Group to invest in Qinghai at the right time.

and 303 meters tall, the ground 68 floors, 4 floors underground, the overall shape is like a colorful auspicious tower will be built into the tallest building, the tallest building in Western Xining and the new city name card! March 24th, the founder of the world’s landmark skyscraper, the world’s top 500 enterprises Greenland Group, invested more than 7 billion yuan to build the country’s twenty-eighth landmark buildings – Xining Green Center project officially started laying the foundation. City leaders Wang Yubo, Zou Jiansheng, and so on, and so on,, chairman of the board of directors, President, President, executive vice president, attended the opening ceremony of the ceremony, and so on, and so on, on the other hand, the city leaders, such as:, chairman of the board of directors, and so on, and so on, and so on, the.

it is reported that the Xining Green Center Project in Xining is committed to creating an important project of Northwest economic highland and construct the "big Xining" metropolitan area, but also to promote the Xining economy and optimize the economic and industrial restructuring, on behalf of the project, to further enhance the Xining city comprehensive service function, convenient people group; read more

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The report on the evaluation of Chinese urban pedestrian friendliness was released in Xining as more

August 27th, the international environmental organization of Natural Resources Protection Association (NRDC) released the first domestic "Chinese pedestrian friendly city" evaluation report in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as the "evaluation"), in 35 selected in Xining City, was named "a walkable city.

NRDC for the current Chinese city car based, disorderly spread caused by traffic congestion, loss of human space, and so on, the study launched the first set of urban pedestrian evaluation system. The system of the safety, comfort and convenience, and the management level of the local government in four aspects, the pedestrian friendliness is divided into 5 grades: Heaven, very suitable for walking walking type, suitable for walking type, suitable walking type, not suitable for walking type. "Evaluation", according to different regional climate and administrative level, in the East and the West has selected 35 city evaluation, evaluation of information from the government or authority, publication of the Yearbook, bulletin and government work report and the satellite map data etc.. read more

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Xining street trees began autumn beauty

reporter from the garden department, Xining city greening campaign started in autumn, from now until November, the district and the relevant departments will be the city’s lack of plant trees for replanting replanting trees, focus on pruning, to further enhance the city’s landscape effect.

this autumn campaign, I first dead trees in the city roads, the green space to clean up, according to the requirements of green landscape, and the configuration of tree species, park, garden, Plaza, street greenbelt in Joe, shrub, ground covers and lawns of replanting, to ensure that no bare land. At the same time, continue to small garden, street green landscape to enhance the transformation, to create fine green landscape. At present, our city has begun to focus on the road to Kunlun Avenue, victory road, Haiyan Road, street tree replanting, part of trees and dead trees had been cleared, pits have been dug, waiting for the arrival of new. In addition to replanting replanting, I will also use this autumn to Tianjun Road, Menyuan Road extension and other streets planting new trees, green spruce, poplar etc. with "". It is reported that, in November, in addition to the special circumstances under the high voltage line is not suitable for planting trees, the city’s main roads and trees will not appear missing tree phenomenon, the overall level of green viewing has been greatly improved. (author: small words)
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The large scale Symphonic Concert Mulan Psalm is held by the audience in our province

As the "Silk Road" tour second station, November 17th, on the evening of 18, by China National Symphony Orchestra and ensemble together to create large-scale scene symphony concert "Mulan Psalm" in Qinghai grand theater. This classic repertoire since 2010 to return after the premiere of our province, and with a high standard of "symphonic concert scene" form and the audience in our province, so that the audience have been screaming.

"hands on sword, heart surging, I yearn for the flags fluttering, tied the dragon, disguised as a man for the father to me why……" Magnolia flower background curtain slowly rises after Mulan for the father, the ten years of the story to dash about in a battlefield, with concise narrative meanders. "Mulan Psalm" based on Mulan Nvbannanzhuang, for the father of the eternal story. The head of China guanxia composed by the National Symphony Orchestra, national writer, lyricist Liu Lin screenwriter lyricist, famous conductor Li Xincao, Jiang Jinyi, song and dance troupe soprano Lei Jia, tenor Zhang Yingxi ensemble of outstanding artists portrait. The concert symphony as the main body, to absorb and integrate the musical, drama, opera, oratorio, melodrama for music performance and situational performance elements, through the China traditional five tone, highlighting the great charm of Chinese national music.   read more

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Xining city rescue station staff to please stop the homeless

"eleven" during the long holiday, street vagrants and beggars worrying. September 30th onwards, Xining rescue management staff members of the road a few points, the rescue of special vehicles, the scene of the rescue of all corners of the city vagrants and beggars. 3, the reporter with the city rescue management station staff, with bread, mineral water, clothing and other relief supplies to the streets to search for the need to help rangers.

October 3rd is the Mid Autumn Festival, the reporter to follow the Xining relief management station staff Yang Longjun took to the streets to rescue vagrants and beggars, in the light of Huang found a man who is begging rescue station staff to persuade said: "you wandering around the street, and even did not eat rice, rescue station you go to dinner?" The man shook his head again and again. Many onlookers also help to see the way: "do not eat money, there is a place to sleep, not to go?" The man still said he didn’t want to go. In a garbage box, a man is in turn pick up bottles. He claims to be from Gansu, wandering in Xining. Staff asked whether he would like to go to the rescue station, the man turned away. read more

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Provincial organs of public service vehicles to abolish the reform of the system of public auction c

11 3, 2009, the province’s official car system reform canceled vehicle auction held in Xining in fifth. Including Audi, red flag, Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda and other brands, including 62 buses for public auction. The auction ended at 12 am on the same day, which lasted nearly 3 hours, the successful completion of the 62 buses. Assessment of the reserve price of 1 million 722 thousand and 100 yuan, the transaction price of $3 million 523 thousand, the premium rate of 105%. The highest transaction price is a Audi A6 sedan, the transaction price of 244 thousand yuan. read more

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Xining Mo street market initiative to the city’s agricultural and sideline products market units

is a positive response to the provincial government, the municipal Party committee and municipal government to maintain good agricultural and sideline products market operation order, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses of the people, and for the vast number of consumers to create a comfortable, clean, rest assured, satisfied the market shopping environment. Here, we give the following recommendations:

, strictly abide by state laws and regulations, and resolutely safeguard the fairness and justice of the market order, actively cooperate with the government and relevant departments to crack down on entrenched in the market in the hearts, qiangmaiqiangmai, hoarding and profiteering drive up prices and other illegal acts, equal treatment for all operators, consciously take up the first responsibility of the operation of the market responsibility, take the lead in promoting the integrity of business philosophy, to make an example for the majority of operators in the market. read more

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Xining Seismological Bureau Guest sunshine hotline

Xining Seismological Bureau Guest "sunshine hotline"

  for the recent global earthquake situation, the social public to the earthquake disaster mitigation and earthquake science knowledge’s demand, the morning of November 30, 2010, the director of the Xining Municipal Seismological Bureau, Feng Zhenman, director of the office of comprehensive business chief Zhang Tiejun Fan Xuejuan told the Xining Municipal People’s broadcasting news broadcast, broadcast traffic, city life art radio joint interview, in the form of interviews for the public, the Seismological Bureau of Xining city departments related work responsibilities. With the city construction to speed up the city, seismic fortification work has been incorporated into the basic construction procedure of our city, and my bureau also increased the earthquake fortification supervision work, in the program also introduced how to do the suspension in public places is different, after the earthquake, how to develop the self correlation of earthquake science knowledge and "11th Five-Year" during the Xining earthquake and the development of "12th Five-Year" during the planning work. read more

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