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"I love discount network" is mainly divided into tourism, outdoor beauty, delicacy, marriage, 55 theme mall five columns, each column of the theme the main recommendation business, the information, search, electronic coupons, forum of five functional modules. The article is divided into several categories of information, but mainly from the forum users post. Write here I think you may find a common site is relatively easy to successful business model. Let’s summarize this model.

, a hot theme to life, such as the basic necessities of life, but not complicated, frequently do not dozen, twenty column. Two, focus on the direct market, with a focus on city and sub City, or concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other old city or metropolis, focusing on the development of region such as Nanjing, Qingdao, in Hangzhou, Fuzhou, and then gradually affect the surrounding city. If it is not dominated by chain development, don’t mess with the city to create more. Three, the columns of the functional modules of the use of information + recommended business + search + coupon + Forum model, which is called the forum to post information based, so that a large number of editing time, the energy of the draft. Four, promotion and viscosity based on the forum. Five, make full use of the popularity and popularity of the forum polymerization to carry out value-added services. The operation of the station 55 mall is a useful practice forum e-commerce.

I love discount network has several advantages and a few less than

first, the theme of the site is clear, in order to release discount information based; clear form, public forums; clear thinking, allowing users to pursue the pursuit of high quality and efficient life.


station in the "about us" is very clear that his idea of "I love discount network" as a public forum, keynote is I love discount, sharing of benefits, the pursuit of happiness is more efficient and quality of life. Here, each member is the owner of the forum. A member of the free release of various discount information "through the years of their business to achieve their own ideas," there are many active version of the friends happy in the sun their commodity picture forum shopping experience and I love discount net ", a large number of users to keep abreast of. Improve the "I love discount network," the visibility and viscosity, these people are "I love discount network" soul.

two, the use of well-known bold shopping channel. In the absence of third party payment platform, under the premise of the smooth launch of the online sales activities, should be "I love discount network," the successful operation of the logo.

three, simple and practical discount coupons. I love discount network, there is no advanced mobile phone download coupons function, no voice call platform. But they are based on their own conditions, practical and simple discount coupons also played a certain effect.

I love discount network can improve several aspects:

, a different style of web interface, there is no sense of unity, can not form momentum. Users began to let

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