Move blog from the enclosure to grab people the goal is to get money

The last day of February this year, Baidu’s QQ friend sent a message, said that people like me (I really do not know what kind of person), there should be a space of Baidu, also said, can provide blog moving services. This is very interesting, I didn’t ask why, go to registration of a space, and then move to work.

the move, my initial motivation is a fun, to try new tricks of the internet. After the move, and feel good, one is Baidu as a search engine, easy to gather popularity, is conducive to the promotion of blog posts; two is the Baidu space from the home page to set the blog, very convenient, very rich alternative templates. So, I have a new home.

today see Sina also provides blog moving services, although there is no freshness, but as one of the Sina blog, to go in and see. It turned out that sina is to move the MSN blog service, that is, as long as you are willing, MSN users can move their personal blog to sina.


for the website, blog can not only create traffic, but also can provide free resources. As a commercial website, resources and traffic is wealth, so Sina celebrity blog into a spectacular blog resources. Moving now, it is clear that further snatch other sites blog, may lead to a new round of resource contention between the site.

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