Baidu Post Bar Marketing Promotion practical skills with your day detonated 10000 traffic

Post Bar is my most frequently visited places, usually to drainage, post casually can lead to thousands of IP, when using a mobile phone to Post Bar boring recently found a small idea is very practical, but it can lead to the long-term stable flow, can be said to permanently without flaws, for any person to operate, I believe we often see some very hot when we visit Post Bar Post Bar, regen is 10000, but inside the post and no ads, most is the reply post when inserting some small ads, but that is not for a long time, see the bar service will give you deleted, but the advertising is not advertising by the landlord, Hao to give you ideas about simple! Nonsense not say directly to.

one. Post bar to create popular accounts (in the post bar mixed with a familiar face, naturally someone concerned)

1 stick account settings and select

first I need to prepare a Post Bar account here, I said, the first is the best age account for more than two years, the number of posts for more than 1000 of the best, then is Post Bar level, here I recommend operating Post Bar people, account must be raised to 7 above the standard, I believe that see the early morning the tutorial will know, this is a standard I do so long to get Post Bar! 7 account when releasing Post Bar internal link is no need to enter the verification code, of course, there are limits, made more will die, there is no specific number as the standard, there is to remove the problem when the post reply system, some more or less will have a little effect.


then we need to use the mobile phone Post Bar login account, Android and Apple’s version is set inside there will be a person that is set up, which can be set to any advertising, but only the mobile phone version to see that there is a win10 mobile phone version is not the function of the Oh! This is the focus of this article.! we can set for a beautiful woman inside information to leave your advertising, if the enterprise can use the words of a spokesperson for the data set! I said here is the small business! Don’t you a big company, a star, and not be sprayed dead strange here. A joke!, throwing money directly, but also play the Oh! Oh! Then I set these data, you need to send some popular posts, to attract the attention of the


2 how to release a lot of popular posts


has a Post Bar Post Bar unified rules, each different Post Bar delete system, we need to refer to what you need to do Post Bar, refer to some add posts, as long as your posts without advertising components, with Post Bar inside the topic, then your post will not be deleted!

here I give you a few simple examples.

(1). Topic of character type

even if she is a celebrity, but how many people love her.

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