A Taobao SEO keyword ranking service experience

Lu Songsong

blog article "the recent Taobao buy Guan Jian word ranking SEO service experience" should have seen many webmaster, I just saw it today, because of busy work, so in obtaining information is sometimes a step slower than the others. Below I will talk about their own experience in the purchase of SEO keyword ranking on Taobao.


is a webmaster, it should be said that the most just contact this occupation webmaster friends are starting to contact SEO, certainly not all, for example, you may start to do is to edit, and then slowly became the minister, but I think some editing is related to SEO, a small part of the work of editing work is the optimization of the SEO, we should agree with this. Once again, it’s a sign that everything in the world is connected. So the author is a person engaged in the work of SEO SEO, I am not a professional, has not experienced formal training, is to practice on their own, because the SEO entry is low, so most SEO practitioners are not professional SEO, when I say this, many people will scold me. The author also acknowledges that he is not a professional SEO practitioners. Because he is responsible for the entire network marketing piece in the company, so a lot of work is to find someone else to do some outsourcing, as a news source, send the chain, a new website recently on the line, they consider yourself to others.

Taobao looking for a long time, looking for the cheapest one, are not cheap goods, this finally know. To optimize the word Baidu index is about 300, the other asking price is 300 yuan a make up, told him the price of 200 yuan, at the same time, at the time that he is quite straightforward, so there is no time to buy, but also pay 30%, go up and then pay the remaining, promised 25 days can do on the first page. Before they get a new station, and then fast is also 45 days to the home page, thinking that this person should be very professional, suddenly feel the right person. So he gave him the relevant information to do. Then, 15 days later, open the optimized website look, what did not move, the most basic tags, web content did not change, and then asked him whether in the arrangement optimization, then in progress, in the optimization, and then look at the chain, only a few the chain, Baidu is not included, then it on my own website, taking into account the website content did not add, so the robots.txt file Disallow is set, now look, or Disallow, did not change, and instantly feel cheated, do not fuck, don’t pick up, and that day he said so much, feel that he is not a professional, is said to be a professional to do SEO, I see only a hair of the chain. But now think not blame him, because he is using QQ to chat with him, pay 100 yuan deposit to call him, did not expect a refund, did not want to chat to testify, can only blame themselves too trusting.

here I don’t want to expose the same

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