Talking about the profit model of 520 Shenzhen

came out from the school soon, I and the small front began planning for Shenzhen 520 ( of the 520 Shenzhen construction, we first consider the location, for the consumer groups or industry; then the content of the website is to create new styles, more features, according to the actual situation to do, such as hotels and KTV online ordering and ordering tickets function.

520 Shenzhen

promotion mode: first, improve the site’s popularity, reputation, so to improve the website promotion, web browsing and membership registration number; second, will have to go to the market, customers personally run to, all the way through information website; third truly start looking for customer resources, such as the initiative of enterprises members visit, establishment of customer relationship development; the last is to build brands, improve the competitiveness.


520 profit model: our profit model is positioned to do brand promotion profit for the hotel business in the KTV through online ordering service, such as some new KTV or hotel to set up shop and join, you can do a proxy, and then give the somebody else in your advertising, website promotion, seeking customer resources. For a single customer is just like 114, web site provides hot recommendation and online ordering. In fact, I think it is best to do e-commerce intermediary agent is relatively good, profit is the proxy services and supporting value-added services, so the positioning of our site is also the case. When the site is mature, we are ready to make a pure sales agency, to KTV and hotel operations, pull customers, by the Commission to eat. We can order the airline ticket business is good, the profit is very optimistic, if the hotel does not provide this service, you can give a single customer to provide such additional value-added services. There is also a model in the form of industry exchange forum, through registered members recharge earnings, mainly to provide online payment services to download information, you can make a profit, but the profit is not

do a good job in this industry stand to grasp the dynamics of the industry, learn to capture business opportunities, promote the stage to engage in free service and discount promotions. To promote the industry more difficult than other station station, because the customer groups and special, because the customer’s business vision is relatively high, so the industry success requires their business skills and special profit model, so that businesses tempted, also let consumers love.

in the next few years, I think the advantages of the industry will stand out, as long as we adhere to, we believe that the 520 Shenzhen like a website can also make achievements in this field!

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