S PHP environment failure problem solving

2003 on the completion of PHP sometimes the following error:
HTTP error 401.3 – unauthorized: access denied due to ACL settings for the requested resource.

Internet information services (IIS)

solution: modify the folder permissions on the directory to find WWWROOT, right click Select "sharing and security". (Figure 14)

        the second step: the corresponding IUSER_CHINA-914340F04 account to add to the folder access to the properties window, and to read and run, list folder directory and read permissions. (Figure 15)

        the third step: in addition to insurance should also add the IUSER_CHINA-914340F04 account to access the properties window of the PHP folder in the give and give read and run list folder contents and read permissions. (Figure 16)

        the fourth step: then you should be able to smooth access, browse the PHP page does not appear such as "right view", which provides the credentials based on, you do not have permission to view this directory or page, HTTP error 401.3 – refused to visit the resource ACL "error.

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