Talking about how to get accurate WeChat fans through Baidu products

Baidu as the largest search engine platform, the daily traffic is huge, which Baidu know, Baidu library, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu, Baidu and other products Post Bar space user access is highest, so we must get to know these Baidu products, through the soft Wen, quizzes and other ways to put the micro signal into your account thus, through Baidu search huge traffic to your WeChat transformation fan.

how to get accurate fans through Baidu library

the first thing we want to do marketing in this platform, we must first understand the rules of this platform, only to understand the rules can not violate his bottom line, things will you release by the search will be in front, you can direct Baidu search "how to upload Baidu library how to document" there are detailed steps to teach you how to upload, what should be paid attention to, as long as it meets the requirements of the official no problem.

1, Title

whether it is a product of Baidu, Baidu’s title requirements are relatively high, a good title can also help users to search for you at the entrance of Baidu search to increase the opportunity to show more. But we must remember that Baidu is very disgusted with other people in its territory to play free advertising, if the title is revealed in the atmosphere, the document was almost inevitable to play back.

We do

for the derivative of my recommendation is that we will go to the explosion of planning a title with this product brand name, such as the picture below is a proxy to upload to Baidu medical production of an article, which also implanted in his micro signal, now a search the first page of medical. Is he in this article, we think every day through the Baidu natural search will give him many fans agent. When writing the title as far as possible with the practicality of the title, such as "medicine mining mask teach you 7 kinds of anti aging tips" "anti aging medicine 7 coup, mining mask to help you stay young" freeze age "medicine mining biological fiber mask effect is why Silk Mask 10 times" and so on, the figures in the we must use the digital Arabia more attractive. Methods and techniques of content sharing content in the product, the popular word keyword in the title, so that customers can easily through the search engine to find your share of the article, the title of the people can search these keywords are our potential customers, if you write a good article to him at the bottom of some help in a the micro signal, plus your chances will be much larger.

2, content

wrote the content you must first read his rules, and then search a few articles to see how others write, can follow, Baidu does not love in direct advertising, the rate is almost 0 in writing should be soft enough, enough practical, let a person see not you are advertising. Everyone’s attention is the library content inside the mobile phone, don’t leave QQ number, telephone and other words, leave WeChat write letters to V XXXX V, the letter behind don’t add: No. when we can do, and content in the image on the implantation of a two-dimensional code you micro signal, it will be put through rate.

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