Look at these unknown communities O2O how successful financing companies

2016 there will be more community O2O companies to obtain financing, compared to last year’s winter period, from nearly a month of financing is expected this year, the community is worth looking forward to a year O2O.

after the Spring Festival, the community O2O industry financing, mergers and acquisitions, strategic cooperation news constantly, many of which are unknown, or ‘collapse’ of the enterprise. As a research community O2O people, every time to see such news, are asking themselves: why do these companies get investment, community O2O really so attractive to investors,


so far, successful financing community O2O enterprises have home life and love the convenience, Hao Rui mall, is the reorganization and merger is a community of 001, reached a strategic cooperation with Mr. koala. Look at the list, you will find that there are one or two, rarely appeared in public view of the "dark horse enterprise".

Hao Rui Mall: a wolf in sheep’s clothing, only for the financing of

completed 42 million A round of financing in March 2nd, investors did not disclose. Strictly speaking, Hao Rui mall is B2C mode, can claim to community O2O, is nothing more than in the original B2C model, increasing the community store plate. The main responsibility of the community store is located in the community of Hao Rui mall channels, distribution and customer service service.

Hao Rui

so it seems that mall model like a grotesque feel superfluous. And this mix mode, from the consumer community life, the products and services to meet the needs of the consumers.

in my opinion, the reason of community O2O mode to catch the Hao Rui mall, just because the B2C industry financing difficult, want to borrow community O2O the potential to obtain financing.

love convenience with light with heavy, easy back into

completed in March 1st 1.1 yuan A round of financing, investment and other investment institutions Shikai ming. Love is the convenience of local brands in Henan, emphasis on the convenience store business line, the community is relatively weak O2O plate development. The formation of the traditional model, the situation of the light community O2O model.

love to facilitate the use of the development of a lighter community O2O, driven by the development of the next line of the entity, very difficult. And the O2O community needs to be forward-looking thinking mode, such as the traditional model can only be dragged back into the difficult easy.

home life: seize the hills, zoned king

completed 21 million A round of financing in March 2nd, investors did not disclose. Home life is a pure online community O2O, the current wireless store, the main business is to integrate the community surrounding business resources, to provide online APP platform and resources.

home life is mainly distributed in Xi’an, which is a strategic plan to seize the hills, zoned king. In most communities O2O companies will Kita Kamihiro as the main position, in a competitive market environment, when the market. The choice of Xi’an is not very competitive, but there is a strong market place

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