Web site construction of a few small experience to share with the webmaster

      WEB3.0 era has quietly come to the side of our webmaster, and this time we rely on to make money?. But in WEB2. The 0 most popular in the Internet arena, lovely respectable webmaster is groundless talk. Bumpy all the way. Killing, in the end of the 2007, you make money? Your bank card on the renminbi rose


      over the world, there are soft skills and real Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, webmaster have? According to my rough statistics, the total of the webmaster webmaster Wangzhuan 5%. I think this is an undeniable fact that most night for their future WEB webmaster or cudgel thinking in white play dig RMB. So I would like to say: China’s webmaster is the most dedicated, China’s webmaster is the most lovely.

      I found Wangzhuan soft skills in the total traffic, such as IP noun, so the webmaster tried to use their skills to improve website traffic, I as a webmaster, I do not oppose such practices, which of course is a way to money, but the money is too small, but too much jingqishen. Look at the side of the owners who stay up all night, like a giant panda like, really good love dearly. The name is really good webmaster, webmaster can be really bitter behind. Everyone wants to do a "King" Wangzhuan master, so the graph king has become synonymous with wangzhuan. Graph king really successful, but behind the success of graph king and how much bitterness? And I believe the success of graph king does not depend on the success of the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan? He is a magic weapon of success. This remains to be further discussed. Further to learn from him for treasure.

      is as a webmaster began to rely on certain Wangzhuan fortune? It must rely on subsistence Wangzhuan? Do Wangzhuan webmaster in at the same time, we bear the pain. This pain is a spiritual pain, and physical pain. I believe we all experience the pain of all kinds of taste. If I had the energy to write these painful feelings. Write this not to pour cold water, or mensao. Just want to let the webmaster together research.

      on the website operation and website promotion article read a lot, also learned a lot of experience. Feel benefited. He also summarized some experience, and the webmaster to share. Inappropriate, please severely criticized me.

      first, such as man, as if.

      an honest, enthusiastic, kind webmaster, with his own personality charm will conquer his website members or customers. I think that’s what it’s like to be a leader. Because the webmaster is the soul of the whole site, webmaster >

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