The key to the growth of web traffic is the export rather than the entrance


a lot of webmaster will say, what is the purpose of doing SEO?. So what is the purpose of the keywords ranking?.


but some people do belong to the more popular words, even if done forefront, number of IP per day is still less. So many people began to turn outside the station to promote the flow cited. But in many places have made propaganda, why the effect is often very little? Or why traffic is always maintained at a value of around, never said stable growth? Because your website cannot retain users.

one, through the station to do the long tail keywords to get rankings to increase traffic?

to do this is to increase the flow of entrance. And what we really need to do is keep the user. If one day to 100 IP, walked the 99, there is still a. To tomorrow, but also to the 100, a total of 101 ip. If one day to 50 IP, walked the 10, to retain the 40. These two cases, then the situation in which the traffic will grow faster, we can imagine.

so, we want to flow, often to find the flow of the entrance, but did not consider to reduce the site’s exports, did not consider how to retain users. Only to retain the user, the site is stable and rapid growth of traffic, rather than most of the energy spent on the promotion or development of the chain. When we put the problems of the site into the transformation, into a quality, then there are a lot of people will go to the pursuit of a good quality only elite will pursue.

while others still remain in how to get traffic, you have been thinking of keeping traffic; when people began to consider to keep traffic when you are thinking about how to keep the traffic flow; while others are thinking about how to keep the flow, you have got the daily flow steady growth trend. Now the fact is that most people are still stuck in how to flow. So we can easily find a law, when you are in the study of how to lead the flow, your ranking is always not good; when you are in the study of how to keep the flow, the website ranking will be very natural slowly.

but we all understand that there are various types of user access to the site, and even their needs will vary, so it is difficult to satisfy the needs of all users, so as to retain users, so we want to keep what part of traffic? Obviously, we want to retain the quality of the user, to retain the elite.

two, how do we determine which is the quality of users?

has two criteria: the correct choice of keywords, and the correct content. In other words, choose the right flow = select the right keywords; provide the right content = provide a good layout optimization.

1, select the correct flow = choose the right keywords. However, there are two main options for choosing the right key

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