Precision marketing core thinking

believe we hear the word precision marketing are not unfamiliar, I heard it for the first time precision marketing, the arrangements for the company when I attend a training, a teacher talked about the big data precision marketing, big data precision marketing is only one kind of precision marketing inside, then I will talk about the precise marketing case, precision marketing platform such as combat skills today.


a, what is precision marketing

on marketing with precision of two words, bluntly said precision marketing is to find customers for marketing.

precision marketing (Precision Marketing) is based on the accurate position, relying on modern information technology to establish the personalized customer communication service system, to realize the measurement of low cost expansion of the road, is the core point of network marketing in a manner.

so when it comes to finding users of their own products, there will be a series of problems on the user to find their own products. How to find their own users? How to marketing? Don’t worry about how I locate my customers, how to marketing.

two, how to find customers

whether the network marketing or offline sale, all have a common goal is to sell something, in reality we will to get customers through advertising, friends introduced multiple channels, so the use of network marketing of this relationship is not very much, also is to find customers, relative to the line we have sold for customer problems, when I did the health care products, that is to find customers.


website’s users: network marketing we will have one of their own enterprise website or website, then come to our website this is the customer, and for us, in addition to the user, the user is more valuable than those without. Since you have come to the site, then the desire to buy is very strong. Well, it is very simple to tell you that I was through the QQ cloud marketing to add these users as friends.

big data users: my understanding of big data users and not many, just listen to a few says about big data users a few lessons, probably understand a little, but the core of God is through the software to find relevant data QQ number, WeChat, micro-blog, and marketing for the present, there are many similar to that of QQ marketing software, we can try to do the software investment.

Mining: precise user you may feel how much I mean, I can only say that in the face of the commercial atmosphere you are young and naive, I said the mining user is mining customers through competitors QQ and micro-blog, I remember when doing health products store promotion, the main source of customers of our company are dig out by rival QQ, micro-blog in space. Micro-blog through its fans, through QQ>

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