Allow large e commerce sites to optimize profitability

as a company is the bounden duty of profit, the same as a webmaster, also shoulders have a website self financing responsibility, it can be said that rely on out of their own pockets to feed the webmaster is shameful, why do you say that, owners are generally very hard, if it will eventually be slaving away out from the other place to fight the hard-earned money spent on the site, then how can not be tolerated! To make the website profit, I think first of all to the site location, here I recommend to the field of electronic commerce in the largest market of B2B industry electronic commerce website, 2007 will be the industry vertical and regional vertical B2B website the best opportunity; secondly I think big websites do it from the first day of the construction is optimized critical!


The importance of

optimization for a site, I think most of the webmaster is very understanding, just like the optimization of a city into different areas, each area of XX street, XX, each street, so as to make a strange passenger easily find the desired destination. So some people think that optimization is an attitude, but also a responsibility for their own responsibility is also responsible for the user. The large-scale e-commerce website is generally more columns, rich content, cohesion between the content more, make optimization after the show’s effect is significantly more than the other sites, to the webmaster call flow is a very objective.


easy to think about the development of large-scale e-commerce sites easy to want to business network, for example, talk about the optimization of Business Website Strategy:

first, let the site as much as possible static page. There are two kinds of static, one is really a static, pseudo static, these two forms are search engines love, easy to generate static electronic commerce website business network is comprehensive and real, so that a search engine robots can easily crawl to the other party, when visiting do not open the database, to speed up the access speed of the site and increase the bearing capacity of the server, but the generated really static to the technical requirements is relatively high. Pseudo static is through technical means to similar to news.asp? Id=234 link mapping such as news/234.html, this will save a lot of static technology, but access speed and not because of pseudo static and improved.

two, optimize the site’s connection structure and page content. For search engines, the link is everything, so you have to site link structure design is reasonable, the level is best not more than three pages, the web content is not too long, the conventional search engine included for the web page size and words have the best. One of the best web page contains the text information is within 20000 characters, that is about 40000 bytes. Page size is also included in the size of 38K is considered to be the most friendly of the size of a suitable size!.

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