Mop com real sharing how the budget is almost 0 of the operating activities

The last time the

peer and I said their annual festival activities are 6 million of the budget, I was very surprised. I probably Qiazhiyisuan, in 7 years, and I got the market seems to have no budget 6000 yuan, in addition to activities often used on small peripheral (small flutter is doll, many kinds of. But we are not always there, I remember in 2010, the 3 consecutive quarter of Duanliang), so I said the budget is 0, a little too much. Of course, everyone wants to have enough budget, but often impossible, not every company is BAT. Furthermore, operators must have cost consciousness, operating activities if only by money, that is not a skill, in poor and blank situation, but also make a good enough, you are the best, the most outstanding operator.

if you say I were accustomed to, I don’t mind, but I think this proposition given me, I believe we will help, even a little bit of that is enough.

experience 1: the daily operation of the work, learn to accumulate enough user resources, activities do not worry about


do operations, there must be a sense of the user, the accumulation of sufficient user resources, is one of the work must be done every day. Specifically how to do, in the previous article has talked about some of the basic entry-level methods and strategies. User resources are not more than, but in essence, but also in peacetime accumulation. If you look hard enough, and do, the days and months multiplying, operating activities will be more. Will not lead to you assignment, you can only helplessly or cramming.

is the key point, you will find the interest in the user operation, because you can know a lot of great beauty, user, network reds, writers and so on, even star and director. I said a little, work and interest together, efficiency will double.

has enough user resources to do activities, you can directly pull them to participate, which is the most basic. You can also go to please, such as some in the Internet have enough awareness of the user, as your judges and invited guests. I often invite celebrities, pushing hands, Reds do the judges, such as the beast. This will make your activities invisible, enhance the whole "grade"".

experience 2: a lot of people are easy to overlook the point: the purpose of activities

activity operations, not to do activities and activities.

if the activity of great significance, for example, can bring to the company income, then a simple, you can go to the sales department for support, they should be happy, if you take your department income, can be the cost of the activities into account.

if it doesn’t make sense, or you don’t want to do it at all, or you don’t even think about it, you’d rather not do it. You have to learn to convince your leader and yourself, because even if you do not work hard for the community.


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