Wan Jun new on line talent website promotion three steps

these days just new talent network operation promotion group, has entered more than 100 talents do website promotion friends, many just contact network talent group friends have mentioned your site just on the line, what can we do for promotion? On the site at the beginning of the line, the site itself no brand, no flow, not the content of the situation indeed, it is difficult to carry out cooperation and promotion of foreign, in what way step by step to build brand and site traffic promotion, can do a lot, I think the difficulty of implementing the method is not too much to introduce.

website based on

1, Links, improve the PR value

said that although the PR of Baidu ranking does not work, but as a website evaluation standard, PR or higher, the newly established website no PR, unless you have more links to resources, otherwise I personally recommend that you buy a one-way link, buy a continuous update, PR5 link twenty or thirty money, spend a few hundred dollars to buy a few months, a day two, the note frequency do not look for the people, spend half time communication Zhibuding downtown Bulibucai, manpower cost is not so cheap.

2, try landing DMOZ directory


site can be DMOZ open directory included, for the ascension of the PR and Google optimization is of obvious advantage, talent network list has included from the point of view, there are some traffic is not high, there is not a long established website, then we try to submit it, can the waiting time will be very long, but at least do.

3, content update


acquisition, talent network content will focus on Enterprise Recruitment Information and job guidance, don’t spend some time to update the news early suggestions, early site is relatively small, not much content, then every day to set their own standards, at least to update the number of articles pseudo original articles. The number of input of enterprise information, try to take the time to find some related products and services and website content, the content of waste garbage flows, will only make your site into a garbage site.

4, increase the chain


chain increase the frequency and duration of the more important methods are more soft, blog, classification of information, post signatures, to make a plan to do every day.

free traffic to get

1, Q & a site

know, Soso Ask, sina Baidu, Google answers these questions to ask the site in addition to their large, large flow, included in the search engine keyword rankings are in front, we have to do is press the website keyword organization, then the registration of multiple ID to answer. If the long tail of the question raised by the collection, the ranking will be more than your own web site, you can get the flow indirectly, more stable. Now most of the question and answer web site audit is relatively strict, can not leave the URL, that >

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