Amoy powder it officially listed on the new board of the first three electricity supplier first visi


December 15th, the leading electricity supplier shopping guide platform scouring powder it officially announced, scouring powder it belongs to Hangzhou Leixun network technology Limited by Share Ltd (securities referred to: Lei news network, stock code: 834805) successfully landed three new board, become Chinese e-commerce ecosystem electricity supplier shopping guide industry’s first listed company.

Wuzhen World Internet Conference on the occasion of the opening of Hangzhou, China electricity supplier of all news, as the highest achievement of China Internet field — Ecological electricity supplier a shopping guide platform electricity supplier scouring powder it face capital cold, successfully vied for the capital market, the electricity supplier shopping guide first "status at the end of 2015, to the hot Internet +" entrepreneurial environment, add a surprise. The industry believes that, in the low current capital market conditions, scouring powder it is undoubtedly the catalyst listed confidence of entrepreneurs and investors.

It is reported that

, the scouring powder to cut electricity supplier shopping rebate mode. Founded in 2011, headquartered in the electricity supplier of Hangzhou, after several years of entrepreneurship of the electricity supplier shopping guide scouring powders with mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, technology, operations, especially hard requirements on the user experience, and finally come to the fore, become the industry leader. Currently, the number of users scouring powder has exceeded 40 million, daily active users over 1 million, the annual trading scale of ten billion.

review of the Amoy powder financing process, scouring it only through two rounds of financing to achieve the goal of listing. December 2013, wash it get Shanghai Jing Lin asset A round of financing, to achieve the initial expansion. In the two months before the listing, scouring powder it is completed by Chen Hai capital lead investor, investment fund, Hangzhou Zoomlion, Semir LIAN and other institutions with investment of 75 million yuan B round of financing. Amoy powder it said: the influx of capital is not the fundamental purpose, open B round only to attract partners in the capital market, the listing of the road escort.

it is understood that the scouring powder it will use the power of capital markets in the future continue to focus on the user experience, enhance the scouring powders in the mass market reputation and brand communication; end user oriented online shopping group, to build a shopping guide for basic services include shopping, sea Amoy, Internet financial mixed platform. The new three board listing success, no doubt for the scouring powders in the future strategic direction to step off to a good start.

concern is, scouring powder it listed on the capital market to the winter period, in addition to practice the previously announced the news, more optimistic expectations show scouring powder it team and behind the investment institutions for the future development of the scouring powders. Scouring powder it major investment institutions the sea Chen Capital Partners Chen Chen said: "the model of relative import electricity supplier scouring powder it more flexibility and scalability, lower the cost of trial and error, in the current capital environment, both the profit and development of non listed Internet companies are scarce resources, scouring powder it in performance after the listing it is worth looking forward to." Chen Chen was in the forest landscape dominated by scouring powder IT investment, also led to public comment, Jing Lin dada, Mai Di and many other Internet companies investment.


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