Find a home for the website

in real life, give people a warm feeling, after the end of the day after have to rely on, there is a place, home is a kind of happiness. People not only want to have a stable life in reality, but also hope to have a spiritual home on the internet. The site is the main carrier of modern network, is one of the enterprise foreign propaganda window, it play to decide the enterprise to realize e-commerce success, promotion website has been indispensable step in the marketing plan of enterprises. In fact, the site also needs a home, a home will not be displaced, but also to enjoy the director.

if someone gives us an address, we can easily and quickly find each other, this address is like someone to give us the way to achieve the purpose of fast. The address is fixed, ranging from a large range to a small range, such as from the country to the provinces and towns, etc.. It is convenient and quick to find someone or somewhere. The address of the website is composed of letters, out of nowhere, unless it is convenient and simple common website we will remember, remember that tens of millions. It is very difficult, the collection up, then looking for the same as look for a needle in the ocean. At present, the Internet is mainly through two ways to find a search, a web site navigation. The characteristics of the search engine is the search results and the wide, as long as the input keywords have a relationship will be searched out finally to have many irrelevant information, we have to spend a lot of time to identify and choose, although it plays the role of the guide, no one can deny it. May bring us to misunderstanding. Site navigation, although also convenient, but some features are relatively simple, can not meet the needs of users, mainly the classification is not clear enough to accommodate the data is relatively small. People have been looking forward to a simpler and clearer way of looking, just as we do in real life, as long as you are given a specific area can be easily found.

take net imitate real life address on the Internet to build a platform for the site to settle down. It is equivalent to a country, each city is located in the above, and where the keyword is to determine the location of the site, which is the site of the home". This special way to any part of the site can have a stable "home", so that they can live and work in peace. Take net is not only to the site of a home, it is important to unite the country all website strength to achieve a huge population effect, we know that a person’s strength is not terrible, but many people’s strength will be particularly strong, this is the collective advantage. In fact, this is the same with our reality, a comprehensive market, markets, bird fish market, have different target customers buy together, each customer has different needs, so for businesses to attract more traffic, mining some potential customers, to bring more return. If all the web sites on the Internet are brought together, they will form a huge market, as long as they enter the market

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