have four on medical business to take the traditional condemnation of the view


author /Dr.2 Zhenli Film Corporation chairman

The birth of the prototype of the

library was in early 2012, when I was studying in Switzerland, my computer and iPad, accumulated 6 months of clinical data lost. After being hit hard, I called my wife to let her sink five hundred thousand, began to prepare to do this app. My heart is: for clinical research cases, good can be sorted out, the rules can be set up after the others can help two finishing, work breakdown, teamwork and preservation of multimedia data. Therefore, the case tool is a core, especially suitable for Department of Dermatology, plastic surgery, Department of orthopedics, ophthalmology as the representative of the "morphology" section. But the simple case tools, academic literature and guide path are some of the low frequency applications, most doctors do not love learning to engage in scientific research.

point of view: entrepreneurship can also start a big platform

In fact, this kind of thing

strategy even if one hundred thousand people know what is going to work in just ways layout, dignified and imposing attack, tell the market, to form a clear expectations. Deliberately do secretive, secretive, want to suddenly put a big move, performance is lack of confidence, if not for marketing, which has no value.

from the first sound, I have never denied that our strategic direction is the platform to do a small ecological future. But the first step is difficult to do across the platform, usually the path is: Tools – Community – platform – ecology, evolving. But the vast majority of people do not dare to think so, have been lean entrepreneurship wash the brain, there must be "how, how" is the correct routine, which in our business academic called path dependence". But because of this, very few people go, but not many opponents.


to do, do it best, otherwise what life fun? So our strategy is a direct platform, then try to use "big and complete" reverse remodeling, namely reverse continuous padded short board products, content and operation, consolidate the endogenous growth foundation, expand epitaxial acquisitions or the layout of investment.

view two: low frequency can be resolved, how to do?

1 design roadmap: the introduction of the majority of doctors loved the content, build traffic entrance, with information and video as an example.

, such as medical academic, medical information and social commentary class information, we and their house to talk about cooperation, and indicate the source at the beginning of the article, at the same time, the initiative in the news added below their ads, links, two-dimensional code, to assist the drainage, increase their brand exposure rate, followed by the introduction of personal thought the best medical media industry, continuous polymerization. The doctor gave me brother Zhang Rui named "news headlines", still in use.

the same route start video content aggregation, now a white angel, MedSci, medicine, medical Naomaitong, NPN Media, Zhenli took off and medical assistant > tumor

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