How to make high quality web links

from the simple part, search engines are basically to determine the layout of your important station from your LINK, and the weight of the external connection is large and the interactive web site, often have recognized the first search engine.

how to make the quality of the external connection as well as the spread of the external nature of this? I have two simple claims, the first is to find some of the larger sites to exchange links. This station if you haven’t reached a certain component estimation is more difficult to achieve, then the second is to write articles, let BLOG websites or other individuals are reproduced, or buy some good web site as a connection mode to reach! SEO and its technical content is not high, it is also is not technology, but a strategic rule means, in addition to their own web page optimization outside. External connection as well as the local internal connection is also an important process step. If your site has a lot of quality of the external connection, then you can say that your SEO optimization can be achieved step by step more important related work. Can also achieve the search engine on your site weight recognition.

it’s important to note that the external connections are correct, and the external connections are wrong. Search engine external connection quality is a certain evaluation. Such as: some friends want to have some external connections, and the purchase of some external mass forums, mass BLOG, sending message of the software on the network, and then sending a lot of external connection, so this approach is correct? Think it may be short-term you may have some effect, but when a long hair down, may lead to the site will be K off, it also greatly is not recognized, such practices will also bring network information a lot of garbage. The quality of the connection has been recommended.

external connection definition

on how to make the individual quality measures for external connections.

Definition of


how many sites to connect to your site, how to define the quality of Backlinks?

but related to the Backlinks it does have a special meaning, especially if you enter some competitive keywords, it is basically the effectiveness of the obvious. If you search the search engine, you can search for a word with high competitiveness. Search for the word "entertainment" then the word may have to search out the results will be tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of pen pen data, information or more. In addition, if you can do some of the Backlinks standardization, it is possible to have a quality Backlinks can bring you a good ranking.

Link is not only the quantity, but also the quality of

The number of

LINK it is not only, more important is from you should connect your site.

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