A5 financing briefing network media Lin Qi direct financing for ten million GET

1 straight


investors: individuals and strategies related to the two companies

investment amount: 20 million yuan

recently, factory direct selling platform network has just completed the angel round of financing, the amount of 20 million yuan investment, including two companies, relevant personal and strategic details, at present did not disclose the specific. According to the direct network founder Tan Hua introduction, this round of financing, will be mainly used for more factory access and distribution teams build two.


2 odd Lin media

investors: Ren Xuyang and other

investment amount: 10 million yuan

Qi Lin media completed the angel round of financing, by Ren Xuyang investment, involving tens of millions of yuan. Qi Lin media is a video content development of · · investment industry, is committed to building the video as the core media platform, areas of concern: Internet technology, the object of concern: people, enterprises, products.



investors: Chen Weixing collar investment, become capital, Jingwei China and Baidu with cast

investment amount: $25 million

September 12th, oTMS one-stop transportation leading service platform officially announced the completion of $25 million B round of financing, by Chen Weixing (founder of fast taxi) lead investor, has become the capital, China and Baidu latitude with the cast, Huaxing Alpha team as the exclusive financial advisor.




investment amount: 10 million yuan

GET information has been completed in recent days, nearly 100 million yuan venture Angel round financing. The financing is mainly used for R & D investment, personnel expenditures and a small part of the promotion costs. GET information company sky Yi was founded in 2012, the core team members include the media data about 2/3 analysis platform system and software technology development, media and foreign media content analysis and 1/3 translator. The company’s core business is focused on the application of big data technology in the field of information and publishing. GET App at the end of June 2016 on the line.



Su biccor


investment amount: one million yuan

recently received millions of dollars, Sue became an angel round of financing, the investor has not been disclosed. Shanghai Feng Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. was first launched in August 2011 by the Fudan University School of medicine to create 3 doctors. At present, Hangzhou has been able to Bio Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary

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