Money Startups are most afraid of the lack of money to teach you the 4 correct money posture

for the first time to start a friend, you only have a chance to succeed. If your principal in the water before the water will be in trouble, no matter how hard it will be difficult.

how does a registered company save money?

to open the company to rent the venue, if five dollars a square meter, then the company opened the venue in Beijing was 100 thousand and 8 months. Personnel and finance are required to be at least 50 thousand per person per year, which add up to a total of 200 thousand, that is, at least you need to be able to feed these people with 1 million water.

according to statistics, a newly established enterprise 3 years on the death of 50-60. 3 years later more. The real development is very few, one in ten thousand. Entrepreneurship should stand in a conservative perspective to predict the future.

in order to save money, such as registered companies, you can find a platform similar to ours, 500 dollars can be engraved chapter, for the enterprise to save a lot of time and cost savings. The market also needs to register at least 1000 yuan or more, and some even do money while doing. Thousands of pieces to help you do it, this is the industry pain points.

in addition to the registered company has a venue, you can consider the joint office space and incubators. The cost of a year if you find us 12 dollars a year, more than 4 thousand dollars. Some incubators can not afford to rise early, do not give him some benefits, it is difficult to provide office space. But the joint office will not, a few hundred dollars a month to help you solve the registration problem. I’ll give you a suggestion you can use office houses can also receive guests with garage coffee or business office.

trademark we only received 600 yuan, financial accounting, you only need to pay me $more than 2 thousand a year. You must put your experience in the most important place. Enterprise throat is running water and where the user. 3 years running down your company has accumulated a stable user can survive.

how to save money?

a lot of people talk about the promotion on the price of advertising, basically small and medium enterprises are not desirable. Our business is very special, Baidu wants to make us a penny is difficult, because we have their own unique marketing. Point to point direct, although we have many difficulties in management, but we save costs. You in Baidu promotion, customers can find you can find your competitive product. Customers are very willing to parity, may not be astronomical advertising can make an effect.

you have to ask me what I can do for the court so that the site will be free for you. We can provide the value of the site they can not touch. In the past, our enterprises to save the site fee is also very impressive.

we also learn to use free media publicity. Be sure to fight for different channels. For example, we put the activities on the activities of the line, they help us free publicity, we get free water and income. Including last September when we landed CCTV, this year we have logged in a cctv. Many of the difficulties we have come up with

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