The 315 occasion marketing tricks Baidu beauty group was awarded no goods confiscated 360 known


DoNews feature in March 16th (reporter An Hong) when most "PR dog" because of their own enterprises is not named after the CCTV 315 joy long Shu export, another group of PR dogs but led the team to continue to silently running in March 15th has nearly at night…… .

marketing occasion popularity of the moment, the 315 party is doomed "". Last year, the 315 party, that is, Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, 360, cheetah and other companies by CCTV 3· the presence of the machine to brush the presence of the presence of the behavior of the 15 party. This year, 315 of the opportunity to market behavior is no suspense is still dominated by Internet Co battlefield.

add insult to injury: Baidu, the United States to bear the brunt of


has always been the brunt of Baidu’s marketing momentum unabated. According to user exposure, almost in the "hungry" by CCTV exposed food safety problems at the same time, Baidu quickly update the company in this encyclopedia. Since then, in the same way exposed the other brands in the party list.


a number of public ridicule, Baidu became the 315 party the only winner, but also become one of the most feared brand PR people, dubbed "the most integrity promotion award".


and hungry for the same time, the United States and the United States is also a group of competitors to follow up, play away from black takeaway, 2016 on the United States to take away the distinctive slogan. And promised for the user selection of the license, hygiene quality businesses, dining for security escort". In fact, in January of this year, the U.S. mission has been broke acquiescence merchant false brush scandal.


is known to be hungry, the biggest competitor is the United States and Baidu takeaway…… .

In addition

, such as play "hungry, don’t call mom! Order army" military youth dish friends in time also came to join in a table of hot dishes "marketing".

acts as a public school: 360, step outside Di science WiFi security

Another famous

and Baidu taking advantage of the marketing ability of the company to Qihoo 360, play a relatively high pole number rule. CCTV and security relations 360 early in the afternoon of March 15th, through the network channels issued an article entitled "315 WiFi security report" of the article, and the use of detailed suggestions against false fishing WiFi on users’ privacy and account security. 360 mobile guards is directly announced that March 15th will become a mobile security Tucao day".


also aimed at the topic of public security in WI-FI, Jinshan dominate important things must be said three times to the principle of micro-blog WiFi do not use other people’s ridicule, earn more money to buy 3G>

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