WeChat circle of friends cooked can do a monthly income of ten

WeChat opened a new era of mobile phone communication, it is no exaggeration to say that, with a lot of marketing personnel have the place, then from the initial fresh friends, to the advertising positions, and now still have large quantities of marketing personnel in the input energy in operation time.

In fact, most of the marketing

do WeChat know, those people said no effect is so good, and the circle of friends Shuabing caused a lot of pulled the black, how many zombie fans you should also not clear in your WeChat? Just Balabala. For so long, we have formed the antibody, and consciously formed the advertising shield mode.

This is the WeChat

people advocate up marketing enthusiasm can only be wasted, there may be some people do the transaction list, but most people are still on the way on the Pentium, just like that forever by falling in front of the carrot to lure a donkey. It may be said that some people will not be happy, but we need to really see the most essential thing WeChat marketing.

The formation of

WeChat first God level list of hundreds of thousandsWeChat

is indeed in the beginning God created a lot, which was formed?

one is to seize the opportunity, is just beginning to start doing, for small meat market occupy a lot of curiosity First impressions are strongest, and trust. On the other hand, some of the fundamental purpose of God not to sell to WeChat, he is selling his own, why? Is he is a stepping stone to be together through their fame to hype up, in order to occupy the line of sight, occupy the commanding heights by worship. So everyone for this title is very interested in doing hundreds of thousands of millions of water a month that it likes to write! This is a word of mouth marketing, only is their own, and used to brainwash those sales figures. With a foothold, there will be numerous olive branches, numerous meetings, numerous activities invited, in fact, and the star hype scandal is a truth. But, though I say this, just want to talk about their origin, and not to criticize them, can fry very successfully but also people’s. We also need to learn.

can be used as speculation, no resources and want to make money for us how to do?

I personally feel that, as the most basic, we can only start from the source, a good understanding of the existence of the value of WeChat. Rather than try to listen to those courses, those explanations, but really, I think WeChat is operating those ways and means, as long as you according to their own products of positive thinking I believe you dig better than they.

then people will say, you mean WeChat marketing is not so fine? What does not exist after the WeChat marketing myth? In fact, what I said is just in front of people ulterior motives, they ambition is not to sell things, but to create their own celebrity brand and in order to do other.

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