Jiangsu tongguanju implement the site record information authenticity verification scheme


meeting arranged the main task information site for the record authenticity verification work:

in May 21, 2010, the access service unit must complete the record filing system account name all pending verification record information data (including data submitted to the access service units to verify, change phase returned access units to modify, regular audit phase returned modified data access service units), and in May 21st, to ensure daily as early as 9 points before the completion of all the pending data verification record information submitted work.

July 1, 2010, the website for the record information of each access unit must complete the record filing system to access the account name of Jiangsu Province, the record number of verification; September 30, 2010, complete information site for the record filing system for the name of the account access to the provincial record number of verification. The verification process, complete synchronization error all record information modification and cancellation of false record information work.

before May 30, 2010, all basic telecom operators to hire the unit engaged in Telecom Resource Access service access service unit to perform the verification to record information of inspection and on-site inspection and inspection records shall take photos of the communication management bureau.

website record information authenticity verification way step

(1) submitted to the site sponsor information access service units within 5 working days of the main information, contact information for the pre verification: a preliminary determination of the main information is true, by telephone, e-mail and other means for verification of contact information is correct.

(2) to the site sponsor on-site verification notice or information to send SMS: "the site record information you submit through the pre verification, please a month before the date of the site for himself to bring relevant original documents to my unit record site for verification procedures" or "website for the information you submit is not through the pre verification, please re submit the revised".

(3) site responsible person carrying verification documents required to access services, the original material unit for the record site for verification procedures.

(4) access service units in the unit for the record collected and retained sites responsible for the color of full faced photo (electronic photo specifications: 800*600 pixels). Use the photo background with mark curtain hair record standard center, photos should display photos of time and background logo.

(5) access service units to see nuclear user ID (identity card, organization code certificate, business license), domain name registration certificate, see nuclear nuclear see pre-approval or special approval department for examination and approval documents. Submitted to the nuclear site sponsor real documents inconsistent information online documents will not be accepted.

(6) if the verification is correct, the access service units to fill in the "verification of the authenticity of the information site for the record", also signed information security management agreement with the site sponsor, >

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