The successful replication mode of original website

is mainly combined with the three websites I do is a picture of the site there are currently about IP is a picture forum currently has about 5000 of the IP is just doing a video site currently has about


a lot of people say that website’s success is to rely on hard work and effort, but I do not deny that when the price again, we successfully run a web site after it is too large we can use our existing website to do some related, I will apply the successful website to create my other website because I was a photo site, so my website as an example to talk about the success of the web site copy, my master pictures are a bit with the watermark image website experience friends all know the picture with the watermark basic not what collection value so this site is boring let people see for those who want a friend who is certainly not right so I do the second website forum to engage in some miscellaneous chart the entire station map this profit model is packaged for sale The success of the forum’s VIP membership has reached about 150 people with advertising and download, pocket money earn each month is enough and those not profit model website other walk I agreed that the owners should not wait for raining gold by advertising is a leg is not a permanent solution besides the current advertising more and more the garbage is not to earn money we should hands are grasping with both hands.


forum operation really let me understand the webmaster hard and pay all aspects to solve at once let me grasp the psychological demands of a lot of visitors more close to their voice service, make them more satisfied, the forum’s operation is very troublesome as the website updated is no longer in the tube, the forum use cost the first half of the time I finally became

.I just want to tell everyone how to use our resources in the hands of more than 2T in the forum and after discussion decided actually, we conclude that the association to make a video of the three stations in the hands of resources in the

forum steadily after the operation: many users see pictures is the primary level of video is the intermediate level and the beauty of direct communication is the most senior level I do not say you understand. Go down this road must have a future

through this mimihuhu article is mainly want everyone to know that success is not heaven, but to see if they have what to do and what it is to see network owners quickly became a garbage article in the ocean, I will as much as possible to share some pictures Website Web entertainment movie website experience and happy or sad the next talk is the basic method of operation hope we can join the


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