Sina micro Empire add new members to create a micro group aggregation portal

webmaster network news: March 9th, Sina officially released based on Sina’s micro-blog buy platform – micro group (, the current Sina micro-blog registered users can directly log through ID. Sina micro group based on group purchase navigation, currently encompasses most of the city, catering, entertainment, leisure pool delicacy life service, online shopping, beauty beauty boutique five aspects and other comprehensive information to Sina micro-blog group purchase, brand influence and huge traffic, brings together 30 group purchase website information, through the platform strategy, break the traditional group purchase navigation mode, to create the first group purchase aggregation portal. Users can get the information they need in the form of a subscription.


micro group home page



user interface

micro group compared to traditional class buy navigation platform, with more advantages. Based on micro-blog’s share and forward, you can allow more people to get the information in a timely manner, and user feedback through micro-blog platform to buy demand. Compared to the traditional buy navigation platform, it is easier for the user behavior and traffic data to promote the promotion of polymerization popularity. Sina group in addition to micro aggregation of various group purchase information, to provide users a subscription service, also launched a micro group, friends dynamic community, shopping desire, favorites service, optimize the user experience at the same time, to help users better understand micro-blog share, friends of the group purchase information.


micro-blog since August 09 officially launched the beta has gathered more than fifty million users, more than 800 models of micro-blog applications, and more than 10000 websites to establish a cooperative relationship, on the flow of more than 30 million, its huge commercial value, the industry has been widely optimistic about the prospects. With the development of micro-blog, Sina began to build his own empire "," micro micro-blog centric development has extended from the micro disk (network hard disk), micro domain (LBS location sharing), IM (instant messaging), micro group (group purchase platform) and a series of popular services. With the launch of the micro group, sina will enter the field of strong buy, in order to promote the development trend of its e-commerce. Although the micro group user experience has yet to be perfect, but it is worth looking forward to the future to bring us a new experience to buy.

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