Japan’s ambition 100 million in funding rebate network to Japan cross border dividend

in fact, Lotte into the capital rebate network, more is to Japan cross-border dividend. According to Paypal data show that in 2014 China sea Amoy consumers up to 21 million people, overseas shopping amounted to 350 billion yuan, a strong private demand prompted cross-border shopping, Ali, Jingdong, Amazon and other giants are coveted this market, the rise of ocean terminal, honey bud baby and other new business enterprise also makes overseas online shopping show the development trend of differentiation and diversification.


[Changle] titanium Media Editor / song recently, rebate network announces the Japanese electricity supplier giant Lotte led investment of nearly $100 million C round of financing, is responsible for the investment of Kevin Johnson will serve as the director of Finance after the rebate, the rebate network has reached $1 billion valuation, the purpose of this round of financing, return to Yongchang said the investment CEO Ge toami M & A, will be used to expand the team as well as new business.

but the most interesting is that Lotte money into the capital rebate network, what is the plot? What is the rebate network with Lotte to attract capital into


through acquisitions and investments in the global expansion of

, LotteLotte

in a very long period of time is considered to be South Korean companies, in fact the Lotte Group was founded in 1948 in Tokyo, is the first food manufacturer, later expanded to South Korea, business hotel and department stores, now Lotte Group has expanded to 9 countries around the world including Japan, South Korea, Chinese which has more than and 30 listed and non-listed company. Especially in recent years, Lotte to accelerate the process of globalization through investments and acquisitions, first look at the important investment and acquisitions in recent years in the international market:


February 2014, $905 million acquisition of free instant messaging applications Viber, Viber’s biggest feature is that users can not open the application can directly dial the VoIP phone, with the potential to become a gaming platform;

August 2014, the acquisition of the U.S. online shopping data analysis firms Slice, the amount of the acquisition is not disclosed;

September 2014, $1 billion acquisition of the nation’s largest shopping rebate site Ebates;

March 2015, $450 million acquisition of Ebooks Corporation OverDrive, OverDrive is the world’s largest e-book, audio books and video providers;

in March 2015, led the U.S. application Lyft taxi, to the completion of a new $530 million round of financing, the financing of Lyft after the valuation of over $2 billion 500 million, while Lyft is the biggest competitor Uber


in addition, Lotte also conducted a number of heavy investment, including the United States led the photo sharing website Pinteres>

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