Statistics show that the real estate industry online advertising surge

Statistical data published before the

Ai Rui show, 2007 advertising pillar industry still maintained a leading position, and maintain a rapid growth trend; traffic auto advertising has more than IT products become the network advertising costs highest in the industry, real estate network advertisement by the rapid development of the real estate economy China also showed good the growth momentum, the online advertising market overall showed a steady growth and colorful development, network advertising investment

in the field of IT industry, a dominant pattern will not exist, it will be replaced by the new pattern of the game, IT, feudal lords vying for the throne of real estate, finance, automobile, food and other industries.

analysts believe that the real estate business has been the outdoor advertising resources of loyal customers, and from the second half of last year, the real estate industry have settled in the field of Internet advertising and Internet advertising, this is mainly due to upgrade. On the one hand, advertising has gradually replaced the traditional Internet advertising, Internet advertising has become a new generation of nouns; on the other hand, the concept of precision marketing has been widely accepted and recognized by businesses, gradually replaced the traditional online advertising, outdoor advertising and other businesses in the eyes of the position.

2007 for Internet advertising, is a paradigm change in a year, is a year old Tai sheng. In the old and new battle, accurate advertising is new reason to overcome the old killer. In this environment, a lot of businesses and audiences to find new and fresh advertising patterns have water, which makes the real estate industry, including many traditional advertisers will look at the internet.

with the Central Plains real estate heavyweight advertising brand took the lead in the website of the appearance of eyeball. Officially opened the prelude to the real estate industry for Internet advertising resources. The first real estate brand first settled the eyeball of advertising, who later became a more competitive one of the bridgehead.

It is reported that

, the advertising dotting is a new advertising model of Internet marketing expert long well-known interactive extension development. The advertisement through the intelligent recognition of web content and matching, delimit keywords in the article content, when the user moves the mouse over these words, will emerge out of matching with the keyword advertising or media advertisement, etc..

In this paper,

as advertising dotting accuracy, focus and effectiveness and other aspects have good performance, once launched, will be regarded as breaking the vanguard of online advertising PPC advertising a dominant pattern, and quickly in the NetEase, Tencent, MSN and other famous websites know foothold.

with the rapid expansion of dotting the alliance, first stationed dotting the developers also quickly started the brand through the Internet, and to focus on behalf of Internet advertising has also been more and more businesses recognized. In only half a year, Poly Real estate, Pearl River real estate, real estate, Hongfeng and garden Chong many real estate tycoon quickly unveiled dotting.

with the real estate industry has become the third largest Internet advertising customers, to

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