500 lottery network of magic and ordinary stimulation of adrenaline cheap feast

According to Baidu

100 reports, as long as human beings have yet to get rid of it flourishes mentality, coupled with the Internet gaming, is the most exciting adrenalin a cheap feast.

after a long period, the second half of 2013, Chinese companies listed on the United States to re open the window, but is different from the past, this batch of landing the U.S. stock market, China enterprises began to fade "technology stocks aura, limited volume at the same time, has a stable dynamic business structure of real, is their common point the.

November 22nd, 500 lottery network listed on the NYSE, this is a little-known "lottery" appears in the group’s lottery network marketing brand.

As everyone knows, only

, as China gaming industry legal, lottery has a solid mass foundation in the folk, and always in a period of rapid growth, the industry scale from 261 billion 500 million yuan to 17 million yuan in 1987 increased to 2012), the annual compound growth rate of 45%, China also became the world’s second largest national lottery. After the United states. According to the trend forecast, the next five years, the overall growth rate of China’s lottery industry will remain at more than 20%.

in China, the authority to issue tickets by the franchisor two departments of the Ministry of civil affairs and the State Sports General Administration, and has set up two lottery issuers: Chinese welfare lottery center, Chinese sports lottery center, by the Ministry of finance as a regulatory unit to ensure the operation of lottery revenue will be incorporated into the national financial system, for the construction of the social security program. Wang Yida, deputy director of the General Department of Ministry of Finance said, "convenient channel support and the development of telephone, Internet, self-service terminals and other sales of lottery, to provide technical support for sustainable development of the lottery, also laid the Chinese paperless lottery future official tone.

in this context, the lottery industry accounted for almost all of the terrain and climate, national support and protection, extremely stable environment and safety rules, large user base and ensure the output and increase scalability.

500 lottery network was founded in 2001, is currently China’s largest Internet sports lottery trading and information platform, with nearly twenty million registered users. 500 lottery network business model is a typical "thinking of using the Internet to transform traditional industries, compared with the traditional lottery, 500 lottery network provided by the network platform is very active in the capture of young users, in addition to data analysis, online trading, interactive forums and other services, in order to stimulate the user’s demand for lottery, 500 the lottery network or the first launch of" buy "function of the lottery website, the well-known user can launch a big" package "buyout scheme, and recommended in the website to attract other users to participate in follow-up, together with the syndicates impact bonuses, is to reduce the risk of personal full purchase of high amount of lottery to raise funds by way of.

After the listing of

, 500 lottery network share price all the way up, there were 500 lottery net >

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