Program of advertising technology you have to get

digital marketing era, the emergence of the program is to subvert the traditional mode of Internet advertising transactions and audience contact advertising model. More and more advertisers try to purchase through the program, in order to enhance brand awareness, improve the amount of exposure, site drainage, and other aspects of the guide to achieve substantive breakthrough. Therefore, a mature program of buying services will become more and more important! But how do we take the program this way? Driven technology is the power source to promote the development of the


through technical means can make the brand and consumers continue to keep in touch, so that brand appeal and consumer demand seamless, so as to greatly enhance the accuracy of marketing.

this article will be from the "audience oriented technology", "media oriented technology", "put optimization technology" in three aspects, the inventory of the program into the process of the application of some of the technical means.

a, audience oriented technology

so-called audience orientation, popular point is to find the right people, right. How to find the right direction of the four orientation of the target population, to achieve maximum conversion effect


1 who is the potential audience: crowd oriented technology

from the essence of advertising, advertisers are not in order to buy the media, but hope that through the media and their potential customers that the target audience through advertising to communicate and interact. Especially in today’s fragmented information, information asymmetry not only leads to a waste of advertising budget, but also to the user interference. In the traditional advertising model, accurate identification of the user is not theoretically possible. But in the Internet era, through the power of technology, can be infinitely close, almost accurate judgment of the attributes of each person, so as to target the targeted advertising services.

group (Audience Targeting), directional technology is based on the user behavior on the Internet data collection and tracking, classification and calculation to different groups of people have different labels based on their behavior, identify potential target audience common behavior characteristics, and ultimately choose appropriate media advertising to have common characteristics the audience, thus saving the cost of advertising, improve the advertising effect of technology.

crowd orientation includes:

natural attributes: gender, age, education, income and other

crowd interest attributes: fitness, health, travel, reading and other

crowd behavior attributes: ad browsing, ad clicks, ad forwarding and other

shopping behavior attributes: electricity supplier behavior

oriented analysis of population directly determines the bidding strategy of DSP. DSP in the whole process, through the use of their own population oriented technology to analyze the results of the analysis will directly affect the advertising effectiveness of advertisers.

for the United States, the crowd is not directed solely through the above attributes to describe the crowd portrait, but through the crowd attributes + move >

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