Today’s headlines advertising is not as bad as imagined

I was the number 23 opened today’s headlines, was trying to send a few articles, just beginning to feel the amount of reading. Until the third day of the 26 explosion caused by the "ready to start empty-handed business buddy, we should pay attention to what?" has really made me gasp. Indeed, today’s headlines recommendation engine is really very cow force. Soon, the amount of reading and fans to the shua. So, I took a burst of bursts of text, the headline number officially launched out.

as of today 30, the amount of reading has reached 10W, fan 500+, and this is only completed in 7 days time. The amount of reading, we can use the term "flow" of the traditional network; and for an unknown network of new media, the beginning can be completed on access to the 1W+ score, before is unthinkable. My blog has done more than 3 months, daily traffic to reach 2000+, is sufficient to prove the new mobile media is a new blue ocean flow.

but today’s main theme is to talk about the problem of the flow rate of new media platforms. Feng Dongyang in the headlines in August to launch advertising platform, to participate in the inside, found that the flow and the asymmetry of the rate of advertising display, in fact, this is his understanding of the wrong. The headlines to give you the right to open advertising, only after the opening of the article can be obtained to show traffic. Careful friends can be found, with advertising media is a privilege options advertising display whether in published articles, that is to say, your previous post, is not checked, the default advertising display. So, Feng Dongyang will feel his advertising show and reading quantity discrepancy.

I was number 28 in the opening of the advertising rights, No. 29 approved officially launched advertising, from the data, I show advertising rates and reading rate is not matched, why, because there are people in my previous article and previous article browsing, there is no advertising, so that part of the flow is basically wasted. However, the future traffic basically can show real.


We can draw from the above

, advertising my number 29 bit flow is 16000+, click ads 82, click on the conversion rate basically can reach 0.5%, this data and conventional website alliance ad click rate is almost the same. But what I’m trying to say is that this is just the beginning. You know I’ve only been working for 7 days. Today’s headlines user base is very large, now installed capacity reached as many as 200 million; quoted Zhou Hongyi, the free content, to attract large user groups, as long as you find the precise part of paying customers, profit is sooner or later.

so, friends from the media and do not worry about income, as long as the content is solid enough to attract more users to read, gain is also a matter of time. The AD conversion rate is not

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