How to locate the brand in the visual age the visual hammer

1970s, the United States famous marketing expert Eyre · Rees wrote a book called "positioning", clearly put forward: marketing competition is a competition on the mind. Positioning theory is known as the most influential concept of American marketing, and even has a profound impact on global enterprises.

After 40 years,

Eyre · Rees’s daughter, positioning theory heir Lara · Rees published a book called "visual" the hammer, the father of the "position theory" into a more imaginative space.


if you pay attention to their own or around the brand, you will find that the brand building, small to a poster of the production, visual hammer is a set of reference theory can be completely controlled.

well, background finished, below into the recommendation business. The so-called "visual hammer" what the hell is? And some side with Nene mentioned in the book case share.

nail and hammer

you see so many ads Coca-Cola, so that you may not remember the text, but Coca-Cola’s curved bottle or its classic red.


Marlboro cigarette advertising, also not a large amount of text information, but exude rough, bold, heroic image of the American cowboy, the hammer at the visual is positioned as to where. Marlboro country ".


simple, nails language brand positioning, such as Nike just do it said: just do it, apple said think different – think different, BMW said The ultimate driving machine – the ultimate car, but after the location, you also need some way to let the audience remember. And the role of the visual hammer is like a hammer, nails into the public mind.


you may ask, I know this hammer is very important, but how to find it? Lara · in this book, the book introduces 10 kinds of "visual hammer", you can refer to the use of.

ten useful visual hammer

hammer 1: shape

shape this hammer will be used in the brand logo, to follow the principle is simple. Simple communication is faster, easier to understand, and so is vision. The International Committee for the relief of the wounded was unable to find a visual image until it changed its name to the International Committee of the red cross".


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