User research required user experience map complete Drawing Manual

conscientiously do user research, even if be accomplished? Broken pattern Tucson! There is an old saying, learning without thinking is useless. You learn a lot about their feelings through the user, if you can not be a good analysis and finishing, it can only be and eggs. Here to teach you one of the practical methods of analyzing user research data – mapping user experience map.


user experience map is displayed in the user experience a product and service emotional process. It also shows what your competitors and your projects are doing.

user perspective of the experience map can help the organizers to identify strategic opportunities, user pain points, and the creation of innovative projects.

Why build a user experience map?

a map will allow the organizers to have a broader vision, and based on the results of the survey decided to focus on where. With a broader vision, you can:

recognize the project and build a working path map

found opportunities for innovation

understand why UX has recently been favored

how to create a user experience map?



there are many ways to help you build this map. Some of them include:

Ethnographicresearch (ethnographic study of ethnographic study is to describe a race or group of people’s way of life, and the analytic and culture of people, things, and between the various factors interaction process. Here is the use of sociological research methods to illustrate the user experience map of the early research links. (translator’s note)

depth interview In-depthinterviews

guerrilla research Guerillaresearch (guerrilla research refers to the fastest and lowest cost method to get enough points, and then to make a reliable judgment). (translator’s note)

your research methods will affect the quality of the data you collect. I’m not talking about research methods because it’s a different topic. If you want to learn more about how to conduct user research, I recommend reading Steve Portigal "Interviewing Users" this book.

In order to study the

analysis, you should interview audio all down. It will take weeks to analyze the data, depending on the progress of the study. This is unlikely to be achieved in a reality that is constrained by the budget and considers the market first.

An alternative to

is to get two people to complete an interview. One person is responsible for the interview, the other one

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