Do a good job marketing type website what do we need to do

to build a marketing site, the ultimate goal is to clinch a deal, in order to make money. If a marketing site vision is good, but there is no traffic and turnover, this site is basically a failed website. So, in addition to vision, how can we do a flow has a turnover of marketing website?

we are ready to open an entity shop in the city analogy. First of all we have to do is to do a good job shop decoration, which is like we built the site; store decoration is good, we need to do publicity to the store to attract traffic into the store. This is equivalent to our website to find the flow; customers to shop not only look at the left, we also need to promote customer buying behavior — namely, enhance the site’s conversion rate of turnover.

to sum up, a marketing type of site needs a good source, but also we need to have the corresponding transaction method.

good source (flow) from where? We can choose the key words in the optimization and promotion, we should pay attention to the ranking is not the most important, the important thing is the quality of traffic. Second, we should also pay attention to whether the content of the publicity to attract customers. Finally, we need to pay attention to is that the media should be suitable for the target audience. If we are selling tobacco, but we have all the promotional materials to the baby with a woman. So no matter how beautifully your promotional materials are, how persuasive, the propaganda is doomed to failure.

transaction methods and means, is to improve the conversion rate and service. If there are 100 people to go to the website, our transaction conversion rate is 5%, then the final result is 5 single transaction; and through a series of optimization, we now put the transaction conversion rate up to 10%, so the final turnover of the singular will be doubled.

how can we improve the conversion rate of turnover in general, we are to enhance the user experience from the site to optimize. For example, to enhance the website vision, optimize the structure of the site, increase product description convincing, show the credibility of the site.

website visual

here no longer say, everyone understanding and feelings of beauty are slightly different. In addition to the beauty of the site’s vision, but also need to use a simple and powerful means to tell customers: what I sell, what are the benefits for you. This involves the issue of increasing the persuasiveness of commodity description.

website structure

many companies spend a lot of money to do the site, but can not let customers through the site to quickly find what they want to see, do you think these customers are willing to stay in our website?

as a business, we will run a lot of products, some products are very popular with customers, and some products no matter how to promote, the market has always been mediocre response. We now present a product on the Internet, in addition to considering the "full" problem, it should be considered "popular highlights" issue – the product in a prominent position, the underwhelming products placed on the back.

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