Co founder secret millet does not spend a penny to do 100 million of the user’s Secret

Abstract: the name of the earliest millet is very wonderful, such as red, creepy, An Tong, Xuan De, et al. Such as consonance, want to take the minds of Italy head ", even painted on paper sketches rhino mascot. Almost set a name is "Red Star", it has a good recognition, but not good registration. Finally chose millet is easy to remember because of Yi Chuanbo.


editor’s note: "Lei Jun said those seven words focus, extreme, reputation, fast, easy to say, but his tears do.

The following

Li Wanqiang and the media meeting oral:

do word of mouth can be zero cost: can not spend a penny to do 1 million users?

I started the first project led millet MIUI, ray always said to me, you can not spend a penny to do 1 million users? Method is to grasp the word of mouth. Because you have no money to spend, let us take the initiative to boast of your products, the initiative to recommend to the people around you, you have to concentrate on the products and services.

in June 2011, we began to look for millet mobile phone sales manager, I always met with a number of people, the people who love to tell us, you go to advertise, you go to open the store"…… We are very disappointed, millet is not only looking for sales, but a real understanding of the concept of Internet phone people.

the past two months, has yet to find the right person, ray always said: Ali you on it.

first, we made a 30 million marketing plan, where customers want to borrow the existing media resources plan to do a month’s national core signs promotion, the results always face is mine, shot dead". He said: Ali, you do not spend a penny MIUI when the mobile phone is not able to do this? We can not continue to not spend a penny to open the market? "

was my first reaction is to do MIUI system, users can not spend money can be used to do the phone, the user is to spend money to buy. At that time, I would also like to make a question mark: the phone is 2000 things, if you do not spend a little advertising costs, allowing users to pay, is not really feasible?

millet is a brand new, no money, no media, no advertising. No way, we only Sike new media.

2011: the most crazy is the total 30 million budget was slashed by

August 2011 we want to release the phone, did not do any marketing before, are doing MIUI R & D. 2011 decided to start the phone and millet network, was looking for a mobile phone and marketing person in charge, but after the study and Lei Zong feel inappropriate, I said let me do it. Let me mention ray total market plan, then I think the first one is the customer, we should learn from the advanced experience of every guest, so do a 30 million signs of the scheme was Ray total >

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