For the loss of network marketing in fact we are too self righteous

in the cause of the rapid development of Internet today, as if everything was swallowed up by a huge network, but please do not forget, the shrewd businessmen will make mistakes, when the greatest hunter will make mistakes, as in the Internet, network marketing looks very beautiful. Even if the network marketing for the rapid, extensive effects profoundly affects people, but everyone knows, in such a hot marketing effect is contrary to the traditional marketing theory, and this is also for those eager to promote their businesses to bring great disaster, misunderstanding of network marketing is deeply hurt people behind once, for some marketing orientation, then finally cause losses must be our own.

price is the top of the wrong guide. More businesses in network marketing, will want to use the price strategy and the write strategy, an attempt to use the price quickly occupied the market, and this is the origin of business interests, when the price is low to a certain extent, will bring great harm to the business, and this is hurt when prices rebound in the reverse it embodies the most, and this also let many businesses complain incessantly, and even use price war to obtain huge traffic, but can not get effective flow, then the price is just a beautiful background. Jingdong, Suning price war, Dangdang low-cost strategy, on the surface is actually a gorgeous, with their own reputation and future at stake, you do not have the resources I have no chance of beating the marketing battle, like now we emphasize promotion, money does not mean huge growth results can be achieved, a very obvious example, one of my friends spent twenty thousand dollars to do the bidding, in the end their website a penny orders are not growing, why? Because most come from the network traffic is not random and with enough desire to buy, this part is not completely click browse at the product, perhaps just a long tail keywords makes the credit in your account is less a few cents. Money does not necessarily have to work, this is really a very simple truth, and mistake in marketing costs higher the more rewarding stationmaster is more lovely.

The combination of

technology and marketing is not just blind. In the network today is really important to SEO website optimization, for your site traffic and click rate requirements will be higher, and with the Baidu algorithm change, for the requirements of SEO more increased, so the major business and trying to do SEO optimization, instead more and more blind, however ignore the key of this service is key to bring traffic, and the keywords SEO optimization and not blindly use precision, which makes it difficult for users to get the best optimization, but the money out, finally did not receive effective results. In fact, in the process of doing SEO we should think of the integration of resources is already imminent.

may be a lot of businesses in the integration of resources on the more concerned about, but too much of the integration of resources is indeed more fragmented and fuzzy information, imagine, the user for the information is too refined

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