Attract female users continue to invest heavily to build Guangdong Forum

about three months ago, has been published "Guangzhou beauty hospital generous to spend 1 million to build Guangdong women’s forum", at the beginning, many people think that advertising is soft, nearly three months later, the fact that 1 million women in Guangdong to build the forum.

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the author inadvertently, his curiosity prompted a search for "Guangdong women’s forum" in the Baidu keyword, which in front of several are a women’s forum about (of which one is today I see this article), I think it should be is the station. Click to enter after the discovery, this person to continue to maintain this investment, vigorously develop women’s forum.

it is understood that the hospital is a private hospital chain of beauty, capital strength, this year to promote the development of the network, and achieved good results, to further attract female users, expand the business, in March began construction of Guangdong women’s forum.

a few months down the Guangdong women’s forum for the development of good, gathered a certain groups of women, the column setting has become more mature, including beauty, makeup, perfume, clothing and other women to lose weight, there are channels, irrigation, music, maps, jokes and other leisure channel. I believe in the next investment in the hospital’s brand awareness will have a very good role, I have always believed that the forum marketing, direct sales is not very useful, but the brand publicity, but have a great effect. Guangdong women’s forum will also allow us to confirm this point.

The author then

the words "women forum" in the Baidu search, TOM, Ruili, Sina and so on women’s forum, 4040000 pages, Guangdong women’s forum, although not to the first row of the second position, but also entered the first screen, which is a new forum, is a great achievement.

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