Analysis of several reasons for Jingdong mall shoppers cheated

public WiFi security issues in the past just a few days ago, the problem of shopping security has come.

recently, there is news that hundreds of people in the Jingdong after the online shopping was fraud, they are ready to sue Jingdong leaked information. Allegedly, the past six months, has continued to have hundreds of users in the Jingdong after shopping by fraud, involving millions of yuan. This more than 100 victims spontaneously set up a rights QQ group, and the case will be entrusted to a lawyer in Beijing, acting directly, or will start the prosecution proceedings, the Jingdong to court.

at first glance it was a shocking thing. After all, online shopping has gradually become our main way of life consumption, the security problem is absolutely not be underestimated. But calm down and think, and now, recover the loss of fraud or even sued Jingdong mall is very important, but the reasons for the analysis of deception is equally important. So, what is the reason for what shoppers cheated? In my opinion, there should be several reasons: one is the mall Jingdong may have "the ghost", the two Jingdong is the mall site there may be technical loopholes, three shoppers safety consciousness on fishing website.

this is my personal view, in order to further analyze the reasons, the author interviewed a number of security software vendors at home and abroad, a number of security professionals who listened to their views.

, a security software vendors who do not want to be named, said security experts believe that, at present, it should not be Jingdong platform data leakage, if the platform data leakage, the scale will be much larger." As for the reasons for the leakage of information, he believes that there may be two ways, one is likely to leak the logistics process, a phishing site may be fraudulent information." Shoppers may not be aware of the landing is phishing sites, the equivalent of all his operations have been mastered by crooks."

for how to prevent phishing sites may bring fraud, he Jingdong mall fraud tips for example:

should be said that the expert’s words have a certain reason, because the deceived is another of the large area is not deceived, cheated. If the data leakage, the scale will be much larger. However, more detailed and what? After that, I also interviewed rising security experts Tang Wei. Mr. Tang Wei explained that, because there is no authorization for the safety analysis of the incident, so he can only compare the system from the security point of view to analyze the possibility of personal data leakage when the site shopping. As a telephone interview, I would like to extract his main points as follows.

personal information leakage in several ways, Tang Wei think there are three.

first, leakage in the technical category. 1, similar to the mall Jingdong electricity supplier website may exist loopholes, while the vulnerability was exploited by hackers, hackers steal data. 2, cooperation with the electricity supplier of a shop there is a problem, there is a loophole in the background of cooperative shops, data theft by hackers.

two, is caused by human factors. 1>

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