Domain name sale and Evaluation Guide

we are often asked a question: how much is my domain worth? This is a very important issue, because customers do not want to sell their domain names at less than the actual value of the price.

The value of

domain name is a very abstract concept, in order to correctly assess the value of the customer’s domain name, we learn from international practice, combined with China’s national conditions to propose the following assessment model:

The value of the

domain name can be evaluated by the following aspects:

1, domain name length

the length of the domain (not including suffix) the importance is not in doubt. The short domain name not only to remember, and the input is convenient, not easy to make mistakes. We can according to the length of the domain name will be divided into the following categories:

A: domain length less than 5, such as AAA, etc..

B level: domain length between 6-10, such as Amazon, etc..

C level: domain length between 11-15, such as greatdomains

D level: domain length between 16-20

E level: domain length above 20

2, domain name meaning:

domain name is also one of the elements of the domain name value, such as a number of commonly used English words or Chinese Pinyin abbreviations to name the domain name is more valuable, we will also be divided into the following levels:

A: to some commonly used meaningful, simple English words for the domain name, such as bank

B: in some short, clear Chinese pinyin or some common but meaningful English words for the domain name, such as 1hao (1), zhaodaola (found), Amazon (Amazon)

C level: two word synthesis domain name: such as supermarket,


D: domain name consisting of three words: youcanmakeit, etc..

E level: no obvious meaning of domain name: wtwewfddg

3, domain name suffix:

for commercial applications,.Com domain name is undoubtedly the most attractive. The.Net and.Org domain name is much worse. This can be divided into the following categories:

class A:.Com



D:.Org and other top-level domain name

E level: two domain name (such if allowed to transfer)

domain name Valuation:

according to the above several aspects, we may be able to carry on the overall appraisal to the domain name value. See table below:

for.Com domain name:

domain price index

The price of

length A length B length C length D length E

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