Jingdong do a mobile phone Festival is the first to raise the public brand

Seems only a simple relationship between the sale of a

business platform and mobile phone manufacturers, but the Jingdong 3C also organized a mobile phone Festival – on the one hand, in order to promote the sales platform, and narrow the gap between the fans and vendors in the distance, the focus is the close relationship between fans and Jingdong 3C.

so you can see some of the Jingdong as a famous brand of fans online channels, these brands including HUAWEI glory for having heard it many times, vivo, 360, ZTE, Nubia, LETV mobile phone, SONY, Meizu, cool Cool and Qualcomm snapdragon etc..

this is a Party, these fans delegation also let the media wheel performance to battle the judges scoring out some properties of the variety show. Of course, the media can not pay much attention to the program itself, we can only speak for their favorite brands, such as SONY, it got a lot of media votes.


But the

sing and dance activities for the media itself has little significance, but the Jingdong 3C announced some data on this event, such as the congregation to raise the rank:


to my surprise, the first congregation was just released soon Cool mobile phone in the ecological sports center LETV, the company’s new Cool1 was released as the start and the first day of Jingdong; the two or three is HUAWEI glory and LETV; followed by SONY, Meizu, 360 mobile phone, Nubian and Jin such as mobile phone brand.

of course, this ranking itself and nothing worth Tucao, after all, there are some brands have not yet chosen to cooperate with Jingdong, so this data does not represent some of the deeper meaning.

Jingdong 3C aspects of the person in charge of the conference site also mentioned, I hope that through such activities so that some of the brand’s loyal fans to the scene, and enhance their understanding of the mobile phone brand.

but do mobile phone fans, jumping and singing performances, a school season market activities — after all, the Jingdong mind is ultimately to allow more users (students) to buy their mobile phone.

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