According to their own needs to choose a virtual host

How to choose according to their own needs reasonable virtual host? Can be considered from the following aspects:

A, technology

1, the use of ASP, please use the Windows series of virtual host;

2, the use of PHP, please use the LIUNX series of virtual host;

3, the use of PERL or CGI, the two platform can;

if you need to use the database website, is:

1, the use of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to select the Windows series (note that the general space does not provide SQL Server);

2, the use of MySQL database to select LIUNX.

two, the size of the spaceThe space capacity of

2, database space support database provided by the;

now, service providers are relatively large space. Such as the 100M Web space, if the standard of "calculation, roughly 5000 A4 paper information or 2000 picture information. Can also be converted to 75 million Chinese characters.

three, the price level

four, management authority

can independent management of domain name information?

can get FTP password?

manage their website is simple and intuitive?

five, service providers qualification

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