The cross border shopping into this year 11 the main battlefield of honey bud business calmly

double eleven coming, the major electricity supplier website for upgrade. With ALI launched the "global buy" and "sell global cross-border electricity supplier" activities, including honey bud, koala, SF, also not resigned to playing second fiddle cross-border shopping will become the main battlefield, this year "double eleven". The day before, honey bud CFO Sun Wei in an interview with the media pointed out that today’s double 11 has changed from the past single Ali home marketing activities, became the whole China retail shopping festival, while the vertical electric business development there is a huge space.

honey bud bonded warehouse, workers in the tight delivery

double 11 similar to the United States "black five"

on the double eleven views, China well-known maternal electricity supplier honey bud CFO Sun Wei pointed out that this year eleven careful observation can be found, and the difference is that in addition to the major electricity supplier commitment to the "low price", and introduced many new policies and new ways, began to cross-border products, O2O products. At the same time, you can also see that many other electricity providers, including even the two years of the new cross-border electricity providers, are also added to the eleven marketing activities. It can be said that 11 of the current dual Ali has been a single home marketing activities, has become the entire Chinese retail shopping festival, similar to the u.s.".

vertical electricity supplier has a huge space

observation can be found, now a double heat in advance, although the activity is in every year in November 11th, but in fact, as early as a month ago or even earlier, major businesses began to prepare for the eleven.

Sun Wei admitted that every year on October 28th, are honey bud’s birthday, therefore, the annual efforts of the largest promotional efforts honey bud, is set in October 28th, eleven days ahead of the more than a couple of days. This can be said to be a coincidence, but on the other hand, is also a long time honey bud stick to their promotional rhythm, not for external environmental constraints promotion strategy. In addition, in this year’s double eleven, honey bud also take this Dongfeng, continued to force in the vertical field, offering a full 399 minus 100, full 799 minus 199 activities, at the same time, a series of articles again price consumer feedback, let Chinese mothers rest assured, happy love to buy their goods. During the anniversary, honey bud 1 million 800 thousand new record highs.

"as the positioning crowd of vertical electricity supplier, we are happy to see platform class electricity supplier initiated activities such as double 11 and the like, we always think that the electricity supplier platform class expansion in the category, the user mode, more comprehensive, in the specific field, the electric business operations to vertical population of the greater space." Sun Wei pointed out that the vertical depth of the vertical electricity supplier management capabilities, and the electricity supplier in the class category and the ability to expand the scope of the game model in the game, I believe there is a huge space in the middle.

consumers, businesses should benefit from

in recent years, the media have reported, called Double 11, some bad business first price and then discount, making concessions.

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