2016 e commerce popular video marketing

said the online sellers we will think of Taobao, pat, Jingdong, Alibaba. Or the establishment of mall site, or do micro business, open micro shop…… Dear, can you think of other methods? Today, Shao Lianhu had to share a broadcast to sellers using the video method.


some time ago I found my wife has been in the perfect shot, she said some people live in the United States took in selling clothes, there are live makeup, eat delicacy, travel a lot. I feel quite interesting, before the United States is not mainly to shoot micro video based, and now how to engage in a live video.

wife and I said this is a good way to sell things, but at that time I was not interested in the end is not how to get. I have a few days to see the next, there is a woman in their own clothing store live, and then introduce the clothes or South Korea, how to wear, etc..

in the introduction of the process, she will tell their own micro signal, if you want to buy her WeChat, and then the screenshot to the pictures of the clothes to her, you can also buy her circle of friends in WeChat. My wife also added her WeChat, but only to see his friends circle ten pictures, did not see anything.

if you want to use live video sellers, here teach you how to do, of course, you don’t have to sell anything, live, only people look good:

1, the phone installed beauty beat APP

2, after the installation of the QQ number or micro signal login

3, find the beauty of the home page, click on the upper right corner of my live


4, call the 5 friends to unlock your QQ space, circle of friends on the line


5, such as the invitation of the 5 can be set after the broadcast name, click start live


This is where

can begin to live video broadcast, of course, what can I see some sellers also have nothing to live. The broadcast process, you have to give them the Internet with the fans, you are, or how to use, you can tell them the micro signal, if you want to buy them on your WeChat buy, can also lead to the purchase of Taobao.

ranking is ranked by the point of praise, that is, the more people on behalf of the appreciation of the live broadcast of the fire, the more the ranking on the front, so everyone in the process of live to remind fans often point praise.

video broadcast the sellers model benefits and Taobao compared to most Taobao products with words and pictures, there is little video, even if there are only a few of the video, is made out of video. And live, he is very real, let the eyes to feel the product in the end how.


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