How to identify the most valuable customers

management is recognized as one of the enterprise law, called "the Matale law", also known as the "28 rule", one of which is the "28 principles of marketing". Operators should seize the 20% key products and key users, penetration of marketing, led by the whole body.

in the face of many customers, 28 marketing rules are very important. Now we need to understand is that how to find out the most valuable customers? Who they are; are 20% of the population will move every year, where they are; what is the period of consumption of this product, how to improve the frequency and amount of consumption? How to analyze the life trajectory and the ideal of life, the pursuit of individual character, influence of love on the enterprise product sales of


to solve these problems, find out the most valuable customers, enterprises need to establish a strong dynamic customer database, customer data analysis and mining or entrust the third party database marketing company depth. Data mining is a lot of data from the mining of useful information, which is found from large, incomplete, noisy, fuzzy and random data for the practical application of the implicit, people regularly, unknown, but potentially useful and ultimately understandable information and the nontrivial process.

Peng Peng database marketing agency believes that the first sampling of various attributes of the data sampling to determine the validity of the data accuracy. Then the data to carry out intelligent matching, weight, error removal, blacklist, multi information supplement, such as a series of processes in order to make the data more accurate.

such as: consumers only contact data, its value is very limited. The use of auxiliary data powerful, automatic matching of the area of their residence or workplace property values, the surrounding environment information, and can determine the living environment and economic condition, and comprehensive assessment of the data consumption ability, analysis of the economic value, improve project efficiency, so as to truly accurate targeted marketing ".

at the same time, through data mining technology to analyze the hidden value behind each consumer information, such as consumer habits, spending power, etc.. According to the real characteristics of consumers, the brand and the precise and effective dissemination of products, and even personalized customization.

One example is the Bertelsmann


Bertelsmann direct group

from Germany (Bertelsmann Direct Group), the most important business branches in China market, is based on the mode of operation of the club membership, for the annual sales income of more than 80%.

through advertising to specific magazines, websites, and other direct mail companies cross selling exchange database, the Bertelsmann book club every year to recruit nearly one hundred thousand new members.

After the new

was incorporated into the club membership database, with the increase of the number of purchase, they correspond to the "active" index increased. Bertelsmann believes that active members.

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