Discussion on several online promotion mode rebate website

with the development of the Internet, more and more business models are open, but also to bring a variety of convenience. The rebate types of websites have appeared in Baidu search rebate, now, you will find a lot of relevant results, this model has been more and more users get the affirmation. Today we discuss several promotion mode and rebate websites.

many owners with the rebate website, the website can offer directly to the user and return the cash, so popular. But this website developed for a short time, many users do not know it exists, so to find a suitable way to promote propaganda is imperative. Today, according to the characteristics of rebate websites share several mainstream promotion mode and we hope to help more stationmaster, also welcome.


soft text mode: soft text mode is one of the best ways to promote, if the promotion of the efficiency of the classification, then, the promotion of soft text must belong to the first grade. Soft Wen promotion has three characteristics, one is two times the rate of spread wide, a good soft Wen will be many websites, so the two spread effect, which is different from the other way; two is user acceptance is high, because the soft advertising is not rigid, cleverly interspersed, and active users after reading the article and find information, so a brand of soft Wen mentioned is easy to be accepted by users; three is low cost, high cost performance, rather than direct advertising, soft price obviously higher, in achieve the same effect, the soft cost significantly less than traditional advertising costs. Comprehensive these three aspects, I think the soft Wen promotion should be the best choice.

mode: Bowen Bowen refers to the blog promotion, but not to set up a blog, you first need to establish their own blogs themselves must have a deep understanding to the promotion of the industry, in addition to a long cycle, time and manpower cost is relatively large. The blog is mainly to find a number of well-known bloggers, and to ensure that his theme and you are consistent with the promotion of products. Because we mentioned in the blog advertising is to allow his users to see, so the target user is not bloggers but like browsing and comments blog users. This requires us to go deep into the observation, to find the right quasi star blogger. For cost considerations, some well-known blog cooperation, then the cost may be high. And those who have a certain popularity, but has not yet become famous bloggers have two benefits, one is easy to talk about, and the lower the cost is two. Bowen model is implanted in the article invisible advertising, invisible advertising is not easy to be rejected by the user. This is also a good way to promote, and effective.

exchange mode: the best way to exchange your site has a certain amount of traffic, so as to have a significant effect. Find the same type of Web site, use text links or image links to change the number of users. Now there are a lot of the rebate website, some users rely on search engines in the choice, some rely on friends.

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